Pet Ear Mites Signs and Symptoms

Our pets and animals are afflicted with a
very common problem among them, and this is ear mites. They are spread easily among pets because
of their ease and speed. Ear mites are most commonly affecting cats
and ferrets. Dogs and rabbits can also be affected and
in some cases, there have been human ear mites, but this is rare. How will you know if ear mites infect your
pet? What are the first signs of infection? The first signs are your animals shaking his
head around, as if trying to shake them out. When they have thousands of mites in their
ear canal, any movement causes them extreme itching and irritation that they can’t stand
it. If you look in your pets ear and see a brown,
crusty stuff, then there is high chance there are ear mites there. The crusty stuff is caused by a serum in the
lining of the ear that builds up. This needs to be treated or it can develop
into a fungal or bacterial infection. So, please for your pet’s sake, take them
to a vet for an immediate checkup. If you see some very small white dots, these
are the mites that are in that buildup. Ear mites don’t actually go down deep into
the ear; they simply live in the ear canal. So, if you see some white ear mites, your
pet needs immediate check up and treatment by your vet. After your vet has inspected your pet, the
vet will give you an accurate diagnosis and whether medication needs to be used. It will be injected or given to you to give
orally. There are some alternative treatments for
cats just for ear mites. These are applied to the skin and are effective
for about a month. This is not a thing to take lightly. Ear mites
can be very serious, and lead to infection. If you notice your pets showing any of the
symptoms mentioned, then have them checked by your vet immediately.

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