PhotoDirector 10 – How to remove red eye in photodirector

In photo director 10 of CyberLink what happens when you take a picture of your kids your dogs, whatever And you get that glowy eye effect in most cases. They call it red eye But when you actually take pictures of animals, you’ll get with his Green eye And I did this on purpose I took my camera and I went out and put a flash on top of my camera and took a photo When your Flash sits just on top of your camera or your flashes on your camera, this is when you’ll actually get this effect Believe it or not If you have your flash off to the side or pointing at the ceiling or pointing someplace different when you reflect it You will not get this effect. You might want to try that. But if this happens to you we can fix this in Photo director 10 will actually click on adjustment Which is located up here in the top left, and then we’re going to click on manual And what that’s going to give us is an icon here of an eye and this is going to allow us to start the removal process So you click on the eye and then as I come out here and I’ll go zoom in for you You’ll see these crosshairs with a circle in them Try to get the center as close as you can and then click it. We’re going to get this message Because it didn’t find redeye because we have green eyes Now we’re going to come back and notice how it created blackness on the eye We take the mouse and just put it on the edge and you notice how that changed and now I could stretch that out and The black will literally stretch out for me slowly getting rid of that Green eye. I can also grab it in the middle and move it around if I choose to get that right position Once you have what you’re looking for and you get that luck you’re looking for you just click over here that says done And we’re done with the one eye By clicking again. I can go over here to my other eye and just do the same process again It’s going to give me that warning and I just say ok And now it’s just a matter of stretching tweaking that circle on how to cover up that green in the eye So that way my eye looks a little bit better Maybe if I pulled it that way And when you’re done just click down on the left and now both eyes are complete If I go here, you’ll actually see a before-and-after Where we had the green eyes on the left and now we got a black eye on the right So now I could print off that photo of my my pet and I’ve got a beautiful picture without these glowing Zombie eyes coming out of my dog here and photo director 10 now Like I said in the beginning if the flash is not pointing directly at your dog’s face it will actually help prevent this from happening if you’re taking pictures of your pets or you can actually take a piece of Kleenex and put it over top of your flash and that’ll give it somewhat of a filter that’ll also help you prevent this particular effect on the eyes But if you don’t end up doing all that you got a picture of your child and the picture is awesome But you got these glowing eyes This is how you’ll actually fix red eye or green eye or whatever color eye you get Info the director 10 at any rate guys. I’ll catch you guys on the next one


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