Photoshop CS6 Red Eye Removal

Hey guys Photoshop Pro Help here abd today I’m going to show you how to remove red eye in photoshop now this is the most easiest task in photoshop that you will ever do and it only takes a couple of clicks so as you can see this girl has really strong red eye at the moment and it’s easy to remove all we are going to do is go to the left hand side and you’ll see this spot healing brush
tool right here and we are just going to hold and click on the red eye removal tool and then all your going to do is go over and do a few simple clicks on the eye one there and one there and there we have it, it’s all done, now if you was to go get picky you can go and change the pupil size, so how big the pupil will be and how dark the pupil will actually come out so you can change those at the top if you really do want to but the vast majority this will work for
mostly everything so have fun with this and go remove all the red eye in your photo’s and that’s about it see you next time guys, bye for now

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