Photoshop Tutorial: Remove Red-Eye | Fix Animals & People Eye []

Todays tutorial red eye and pet eye removal
in photoshop hi welcome to photoshop desire channel.
my name is eshwar. today i show u how to remove red eye as well
as pet eye in photoshop It occurs when using a photographic flash
very close to the camera lens in ambient low light.
The effect appears in the eyes of humans, and of animals in this tutorial i will show how can we do
it in photoshop as well as camera raw filter first i do it in photoshop ps has hidden red eye tool in spot healting
brush panel right click and select red eye tool by default pupil size is 50% and darken amount
50% u may test with the adjustment i will keep
it as it is now now with mouse hold left button and drag on
eyes. ps automatically fix red eye and do it for
remaining eyes see how simple it is now i will show u in camera raw filter first convert image to smart object because
smart object is undestructable and we may make necessary
changes or adjustment later also goto filter and select Camera Raw Filter at the right top menu icons select red eye
tool (keyboard shortcut E) same like ps there is pupli sie and darken
amount now with mouse hold left button and drag on
eyes. ok i will uncheck the overlay what is advantage of this doing in CRF is
we can make adjustment of size and darkness with
slider easily i will show u another sample with pets
because unlike humans pets has different eye pupils
depands on liquid contains on their eyes this dog has yellow pupil. convert to smart object and open it in CRF select red eye tool in the right panel type choose pet eye in this we have only pupil size and add catch
light available now with mouse hold left button and drag on
eyes. but i want to increase the size of pupil and adjusting the slider and dog eyes are fixed like dog i wanna fix this mouse eyes too open image in CRF select red eye and then pet eye now with mouse hold left button and drag on
eyes. i’m slightly increasing pupil size
and now image is fixed before and after now u got idea how to remove red eye in humans
as well as pets and apply this technique to ur photos to fix
it. thanks for watching and pls subscribe for
more tutorials

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