Pink Eye Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, Signs, and Eye Drops

Pink eye symptoms, treatment, causes, signs, eye drops, and myths. We will just throw that in there as well. That is what we are
going over today in The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler. I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. Let us jump into what is pink eye The term pink eye is actually thrown
around quite a bit and people tend to use it for any type of red eye
that they have but if especially if you are a parent of a young child or know any child that is in school or
daycare you are going to hear the term pink eye at least once. Pink eye or
conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the clear membrane
that covers the white part of your eye as well as the inner part of your
eyelids. Conjunctivitis has many causes but the most common are usually
from bacteria, viruses or from allergies. Technically pink eye is
known as viral conjunctivitis to doctors When we say that you have pinkeye
that means that you have viral conjunctivitis. We are not usually talking about the bacterial or the allergic form of conjunctivitis when
we say you have pinkeye Pink eye is highly contagious
because it is a viral infection it can be caused by a number of different
viruses and it does spread very quickly and easily both through the air and
through contact with other people That is why we often see it very readily in schools and day cares. What are some pink eye signs and symptoms. If you think you are suffering from pink eye it is always best to get it
checked out but a few common symptoms that you will notice is that your eyes will appear a little reddish They will appear a little more pink. When we have a bacterial conjunctivitis an allergic conjunctivitis or dry eye even the eyes are a little more beefy red and then
when you have pink eye they tend to be a little more pink and so that is the virus
now there is one form of a virus a viral conjunctivitis or a
pink eye that can be very red but that is very rare. I have seen it 3x in my career. It was the same family that kept passing it back and forth to each other. Normal pink eye that you see in day cares and
everything that is going to be more of a pink eye. You might have a slight
discomfort but you won’t be that uncomfortable. Your eyes are going to be
watery so with bacteria it is going to be more of a thick mucus discharge. Allergies is going to have more of the mucus discharge but with pink eye it is going to be more watery and you might have slight itchiness, sensitivity to light,
and you might even have an upper respiratory infection recently or a
common cold. You can also if you are not experienced you might not be able to
notice this but you can palpate your lymph nodes right here and your lymph
nodes will be swollen if you have a viral conjunctivitis right under the ears you will notice a little lump there and you might be able to feel
normally but not when they are swollen when there is an
infection that is usually what you can feel. What causes pink eye? How do
you get pink eye? Like we discussed already conjunctivitis can be caused by
bacteria, allergies, viruses but actual pink eye is caused by a viral infection. Viruses like we already said spread extremely easily. When the conjunctiva is infected or inflamed those blood vessels will dilate and
you will end up with a pinkish look to your eye. Viral conjunctivitis is spread
not only via contact with another person Say you rub your eyes and then you shake hands with somebody and then they rub their eyes. That is basically how it spread super easily but also through the air. There are so many ways that it can be spread from person to person. Next we are going to go over some of the things that you can do to prevent the
spread but I know it can be tough to get a letter from your child’s school that says oh there is been a pink eye outbreak because it
is very hard to prevent and then keep your kids home. How do you treat
pinkeye and what are all the eye drops and everything that you can use for this. Pink eye is very hard to treat because it is a virus and we cannot
really kill viruses that well and the best thing you can do is just try to
avoid the spread of it. A lot of doctors just to make the patient feel better. I
don’t really know why they do it. They want to save their butt so they give
them an antibiotic drop which makes me more mad than anything. If I suspect a
pink eye I will not give you an antibiotic drop. I will probably give you a
steroid drop just to help knock down the inflammation help you feel better but
antibiotics are very common to put on pink eye from doctors and I don’t agree
with that. We do not use that in our clinic and I don’t prescribe that for
pink eye with that being said it is very hard for us to determine if it’s
bacterial, viral, or allergic like I said it just depends on the redness and the
discharge but sometimes you can have a combination so it makes it very
difficult to kind of distinguish which one is which but if I do know that you
have a pink eye there are tests as well that we can determine if you do have
pink eye or not and so if that test is positive then what I’d have you do is
I’d have you use a cool compress several times a day and that’s mostly just to
help soothe everything calm down that inflammation and so then secondly I will
have you used tea tree oil soap on your full body, face, and hair just because tea
tree oil is known to kill microorganisms If you are using a tea tree oil soap
that should help with the spread and it should help. Everytime you wash your
hands you should also use that. Clean your eyelids with a hypochlorous acid
eyelid cleanser. Use this 2x a day if not 3 to 4 times a day when
you have an active outbreak. That is going to help keep the area clean and prevent it from spreading. Use a non preserved artificial tear like Oasys.
You can use that as needed for discomfort. Never ever share any
personal items like wash cloth, towels, makeup. Never use the makeup at the counter. That can be disgusting. Wash your pillowcases. Wash everything. Cover your
nose in your mouth when you sneeze. When you do sneeze into your arm not into
your hands that makes it easier. Stay at home. Get away from work. Get away from school. Get away from people The question we get asked quite commonly with pink eye is pink eye
contagious. Absolutely. We discussed above pink eye is viral conjunctivitis and viral infections are absolutely contagious. If you find yourself exhibiting signs and symptoms of pink eye or your doctor
has diagnosed you with possible pink eye or your kids with pink eye then you need
to make sure that you are washing your hands frequently. You are using a
hypochlorous acid cleanser and tea tree oil soap just to keep everything clean
hopefully to get rid of bacteria and viruses and everything else that
could irritate your eyes Make sure that you are washing your
pillows and sheets and everything frequently. Avoid public places when you have an infection because you are truthfully just going to
spread it to others. Nobody loves that. How long does pink eye last? This is another great question. Pink eye is a virus and so
with viruses there is an incubation period. An incubation period is just simply a time of when you get the virus to when you start to show
signs and symptoms. With the it depends on the virus but with the typical pink eye it is going to be a 2 to 14-day incubation period.
That means that you will be infected on Sunday you will start to notice signs and
symptoms on Tuesday or all the way up to the following Sunday 2 weeks later. The reason that is because a typical virus you get infected it starts to
spread. You start to get signs and symptoms you then have a 7 to 14 day
course of the virus kind of running its course the best thing you can do like I
said is just everything we outlined above. During that time you are contagious and so that is when you have to be careful and then after that 14-day incubation period when symptoms and signs start to reside
that is when you are not contagious anymore that is when you can go back to
work but we are going to beat this home tonight. Wash your hands frequently. Use a hypochlorous acid eyelid cleanser. Use it
on your whole face even wash all your pillows and sheets. Use tea tree oil soap all over your body in your face. Avoid public places during incubation period because you are highly contagious. This is how people pass it around to each other over and over again. How long
is pink eye contagious? You might be asking us why are we talking about pink eye on The Dry Eye Show but it is because it is that time of year too Pink eye is being spread around rampantly this time of year and how long are you contagious with it? You should act like you are contagious for 14 days after you are exposed to what you
think might be pink eye. It is hard the first couple days you might not know you have it because you are not going to have a pink eye for
a couple days. After you have been infected. Just do your best during this time of year to wash your hands Keep your eyelids clean. Keep your face
clean. Wash your hands all that good stuff. This is The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. We went over a pink eye today. All the signs, symptoms, incubation periods, how to tell the difference between dry eye and pink eye. We did put an article in the
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What your experience was with it? We will pick one comment every week to win
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into the live feed. Let me hold that up Sara George asks, Does Dr. Jenna use the tea tree oil soap to wash her hair? I have tried but it’s hard to do with
long hair. Any tips? I actually used it this morning. I do not use it
every day to wash my hair but if I feel like my scalp is itchy or if it is like
ear anything like that then I will definitely use it. I generally wash my hair just a few times a week anyway because a lot of the
time I will have it pulled up on those days I don’t wash my hair but when I want to wear it down I’m going to have it down then I
do wash it and I will use the tea tree oil soap. How do you do it? I just do it like you would normally I lather it between my hands. I also take it and scrub it over my hair. Lather my hands with it and then I put it throughout my hair. I normally let it sit for probably 3 to 5 minutes or so just to let the tea tree oil work and then rinse it off and just condition as you normally would. That is what I do. I just take it and rub then lather. Jean asks Hi Dr. Jenna and Dr. Travis I have not had a pink eye since I was a child. That is great. Avoid it Ursula says Hi doctors. I never had pink eye but I do have a stye now for the first time ever. I will post an article for you that teaches you how to get rid of that stye
but essentially a quick rundown of how to get rid of a stye. You want to do warm
compresses to the area then a lid massage just like Dr. Jenna’s video. Massage the area gently Do not pop it. I’m watching. It is a warm compress then lid massage. You want to keep the area
clean with the hypochlorous acid cleanser and then to prevent that from
happening in the future you want to use hypochlorous acid cleanser everyday
twice a day. This is where diet comes in healthy fats. When you tend to eat
unhealthy fats that is when the oil get thicker. That is when the glands get
clogged and that is when a stye form Taking an omega-3 supplement will help
too. I tend to get styes also when I’m stressed out and traveling. Really
make sure that your routine is dialed in as far as eyelid cleansing because
that’s when a lot of the styes can creep in is when you are not following that
routine as you normally would Sheila says I would love to try this. I’m
guessing you are talking about the Heyedrate. If you want to try it for free
you just have to pay shipping head to and that will give you
a coupon code. It is for a limited time so we don’t know how long that will be
active so head to get it for free. Try it just pay shipping if
you do not end up liking it we will refund you the shipping. Alfred says
Hello is it true that if I get laser eye surgery I have a chance to get dry eye?
I’m guessing you’re on the show because you have dry eye and if you have
LASIK it’s going to make it worse and so yes you have a high chance of getting
dry eye if you had LASIK especially have dry eye and you are going to get LASIK. You will have even worse dry eye and so be very wary
of having LASIK at all if you have dry eye How long do you have to stay away from others when you do have pink eye?
Usually at 7 to 14 days If you have got pink eye you really
need to be staying home from work probably at least 7 days at least. Once the signs and symptoms are gone that is when you can go back to work
and you are not contagious. Brenda says doctors I got the lid and lash cleanser.
I have used it two days now. How long before I get relief from blepharitis? I
can’t wear makeup although I got the makeup remover. When will I get relief?
That is a great question Brenda. Rome was not built in a day neither was your dry
eye dry eye is not something that happened overnight and so no product on
the market not even our lid and lash cleanser yes it works very fast for some
people but dry eye was not built overnight it’s been built over time it’s
a result of inflammation that your body has absorbed from what you eat, drinking alcohol, coffee, caffeine things like that and
bad diet. Inflammation builds up over time years maybe decades and dry eye takes a lot to reverse all that inflammation. It may take anywhere
from one month to six months to one year with lifestyle changes with diet with
hydration. Our lid and lash cleanser is is a great product. It works so well for
finding relief for so many people but if you really want to hit it hard you got
to explore diet and hydration. That is going to be your biggest effect on dry eye
but ours should start to give you a relief within a couple days but give it
at least a week or two before you give up on it because some patients notice it
right away others it takes up to two weeks but look at your diet start at check out everything Also be consistent with your
routine so don’t just use the lid and lash cleanser whenever your eyes feel dry. You
want to use it in the morning and in the evening. Since you already have our makeup remover as well I do have a video that goes over my night routine. We can post that after the show for you You can see what I do every single night and then in the morning also use the lid and lash
cleanser and that consistency is really going to help you out. This is coming out
soon This is Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment.
We wish it was coming out earlier but we are having troubles with the printing
and the formatting. We want to make it very easy to read. We had some problems with the first couple prints We are on our third print now and or we
can do this monster We have got the large print and this one
actually does look good. It is ready to go This is the large workbook. It is just in
case you want a larger book. We are probably not going to be offering that That goes into all the dietary changes.
All the lifestyle changes that you can make to rethink your urge to treat your
dry eye. It is called Rethinking Dry Eye Treatment because it’s not just take
omega-3, use a hypochlorous acid cleanser or use tea tree oil soap. It is not
just that and so that’s a small section of the book. We put it in there because people asked for it but the whole bulk of the book is about
rethinking your life essentially in making small habits that will make a big
difference in your dry eye treatment Kathy says I get pink eye very easy. I’m guessing it is not pink eye If you get pink eye very easy everybody
does and so if you work on a day care maybe but if you get pink eye very
easy and your eyes get red there is usually inflammation behind that When she first started with the problem
they treated you for pink eye and then you found out that it was dry eye,
blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction That is more likely what it is. If you feel like you get pink eye all the time Kathy says as I never had pink eye until I got severe dry eye It is not pink eye in that case
because pink eye is viral conjunctivitis but your eyes may look red from dry eye
and inflammation. Anti-inflammation diet everything. I tried a new drop called Lumify. It made my red eyes worse. Lumify is not a fix. It is a cover up and so it will cover up the red eyes great for if you are going to a meeting or a
wedding something like that but it’s not a fix and so figuring out the cause and fixing that. It is inflammation most of the time. Fixing the inflammation is the key Lumify does contain benzalkonium
chloride or BAK which is a preservative That can irritate a lot of people. That’s most likely what you reacted to Diane says I sleep with my eyes open.
That’s another cause and so that is going to cause wind to go by your eyelid
and cause you some inflammation all night long or some irritation. Can I ever recover from MGD completely? There is no cure for MGD or meibomian gland dysfunction. That is a
hard question to answer because once you have it of course there are things that
you can do to effectively manage it to where you won’t have symptoms. That is
very possible and it’s possible through diet and
hydration and getting rid of the inflammation in your body as a whole.
Reading the book that is coming out soon. That is a great place to start doing things like the eyelid hygiene regimen that
we were talking about earlier. That is absolutely wonderful and necessary for
people that have MGD and blepharitis and dry eyes just to keep your eyelids feeling good keep and healthy It is so important to treat your eyelids
just like you brush your teeth twice a day because you don’t want
to get cavities and you want to have a healthy mouth and a healthy smile for a
lifetime and the reason that we tell you to clean your eyelids and have this
routine is because we want you to have clean eyelids and healthy eyelids and
healthy eyes for a lifetime Jean says Thanks to your video Dr. Jenna I started using the lid and lash cleanser first thing in the
morning. I just spray it on and let it dry. I have been doing this for about 2
weeks. In any day I forgot to spray the lid and lash cleanser first I would realized that my eyes were not as relieved as past days. Thanks for sharing
your routine. How do I know when it’s time for my plugs to come out? That is very dependent on your doctor. I don’t remove plugs unless the patient is very symptomatic and have a lot of inflammation. When I lower your eyelid and flip them either
up and bottom if there’s a lot of bumps they’re called papilla
that tells me there’s a lot of irritation and a lot of inflammation going
on and sometimes it’s a result of the trap tears from the plugs. That is when I usually tend to pull them out as if you’re having a lot of
inflammation with the plugs in and a lot of irritation with the plugs in but usually when we put them in there they are usually a permanent. This is The Dry Eye Show. I’m Dr. Travis Zigler and I’m Dr. Jenna Zigler. We
went over pink eye today. You can click the link in the comments or
description or if you are on YouTube click this link right here and then also head to to get your free dry eye Ebook just put your
email in there and you’ll get that sent to you and you learn all about how we
actually treat dry eye and we will see you guys next week


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