Pinkish Red Eye Makeup Tutorial | @hannathe.mua

Hi.. Today I’m making a tutorial for this look. Well honestly, I don’t know what name should I give for this look. (haha) but one thing for sure, I have this one eyeshadow palette.. and I’m rarely using this palette.. because..actually, I don’t really like wearing pink eyeshadow. but I don’t know why I bought this==’ (girl’s problem haha) and lately, I have a desire to make an eye makeup look which has a touch of red on it. That’s when this eyeshadow palette popped in my mind. Basically, this is gonna be the main palette I use for this look. there’ll be only one or two colors from another palette I use as a transition color. So you guys.. if you like this look, ..and if you want to know how to create this look, If you liked it, please give me a thumbs up! 😉 and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t so you can get updated to my newest video. for you who have a question, suggestion, advice, or whatever it is.. please leave the comments below. I’ve written the products info on the description box..

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