Post Traumatic Headaches from Stress, Visual Fatigue

Tell me about , do you still get headaches?
Now I do yea I get really bad one. Tell me about a headache you’ve had in the last couple of weeks. How often do you get them. I get em a lot now. Several
times a week? A lot of the reason I was gettin em was because I was dehydrated. but a
really bad one I don’t think I’ve had a really
bad one in a while. So just tell me about what you do remember about an example, a typical
one. Tell me about about a typical one. A lot of times in college what would happen
was I was staring at a computer screen that and my, my brain would just hurt like all
over and I can’t go to my next class though you know I would go somewhere quiet, dark
you know. So I would do that, and it would help, I would just close my eyes and try to
think about nothing you know. But I would go to the DC and be like oh what’s wrong and
would be just miserable because of my headache. What is the DC. Dining Common. Do the headaches
get less after your eye surgery? Yes. I think so sure. Stress , visual fatigue, cause them?
Stress, over thinking and visual fatigue really when I stare at the computer all of the time.

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