Preparing Interlock Armored Fiber Optic Cable for Termination | Hitachi Cable America

Hello, in this video we’re going to demonstrate
how to properly prepare, for termination, a Hitachi fiber optic interlocking armored
cable. In the image we have to the left our interlocking
armored cable. In this case its a 24-strand indoor plenum
OM3 cable. We have a very sharp utility knife and the
Roto-Split which is a tool designed for cutting interlocking armor. What I have done is I have pre-marked on this
cable where I’d like to prepare the jacket for termination. The length of interlock armor that you want
to remove is up to your discretion based upon your installation but this process is still
the same. So we take our utility tool and we’re going
to cut into the outer jacket of the cable along the lines I’ve made. Always be careful not to cut yourself. We then take the jacket material and remove
it. We then take our Roto-Split tool and insert
the armored cable as so. When you squeeze the handle it will pinch
onto the interlock armor and the blade, as we turn it, will cut into the interlock armor. Once it begins to spin freely you know you’ve
cut through the interlock armor. We can remove the tool and simply twist and
remove. And then you have your exposed fiber optic
cable that’s ready for termination. Thank you very much.

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