Preventing Ear Infections

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The following video covers how to prevent ear
infections using a homemade solution.
Ear infections are a bear to deal with, regardless
of whether you get them from a swimming pool
or from polluted water while surfing. So I wanted to share a home remedy that an
Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor suggested to me
when I went to him with an ear infection. I’ve used it for the past year and have had no
problems. However, if you have an infection already, do not
use this – this is for preventative care only. I’ll repeat that again, this is for preventative care
What you’ll need is some alcohol, a tablespoon,
some distilled white vinegar, some cotton balls, and maybe a zip lock sandwich bag or
something to hold the cotton balls in.
To make the mixture, take your alcohol, open it
up, take your vinegar, open that up. Pour 1 tablespoon of vinegar into the alcohol. Top the alcohol bottle. Give it a good shake, and you’re done.
To use the mixture, after you get out of the water
and dry your ears as best you can, open up your alcohol bottle that has the mixture
in it, place a cotton ball at the opening and soak the
cotton ball with the solution.
I usually have a towel behind my head in case it
drips. Take the soaked cotton ball, squeeze the
solution into one ear until sounds are muffled. Then shake it and push it around for a few
seconds, then get ready with the towel as you
flip to the other side. Do the same thing – squeeze the solution into
the ear until your hearing is muffled. Shake your ear and push on it to move the
mixture around. Then use your towel to dry your ear.
The alcohol helps to dry up any moisture in your
ear and the vinegar helps condition the ear canal
so that it does not dry up and hurt.
I then use the leftover cotton ball for the areas in
between my toes to help dry up the moisture to prevent athlete’s foot. And then after that, I might also use the cotton
ball to clean my sandals if I have sandals for the
pool. That’s it. Easy breezy. Remember, this is for prevention only. If you have an infection, you will feel it when the
alcohol goes in – so don’t use this solution to cure swimmer’s ear
or surfer’s ear or some kind of infection. This is for prevention only.
Good luck, shoot me an email with any
questions or comments and I’ll see you in the

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