Promolux Premium LED Lighting Solutions for Dental Clinics, Operatories, and Laboratories (short)

We really enjoy the color; we enjoy the lights. They just feel more comfortable to us. I do notice that I don’t feel as tired as I did before and I really like the energy. I found myself gravitating to the new room with the new lights because I was much more comfortable working in there. I would definitely recommend the Promolux lighting to other dental professionals because it’s a lot easier to get quite a bit more accurate shade matching. If we don’t have to do remakes the patient is much happier, we’re much happier, and we look much more like we know what we’re doing because we’re getting it right the first time a lot more often. I would certainly be recommending it to others. I’m happy with it; I would do it again, and I would never go back to the previous lighting. I enjoy this so much more. The ambiance of the room, and the clarity of the light is wonderful.

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