Proper Ear Drop Administration

Proper Administration of Ear Drops by
Dr. Christopher Chang of Fauquier ENT Consultants. The first step is to pull
the ear up and back. We do this in order to straighten the ear canal so that
when you apply the drops, the drops go as far into the ear canal as possible. While
pulling the ear back, apply the drops followed by pushing on the trigs to
force the drops into the ear as shown. This needs to be done after each drop
application. Let’s take a closer look at what happens
in this cross-section. The green arrow is pointing to the ear. The red arrow is pointing at the eardrum. The blue arrows pointing into the space
behind the eardrum. As you can see, when applying the drops, most of the drops get
stuck right at the eardrum. If a patient has ear tubes, those drugs will not be
able to get into the space behind the eardrum. When pushing down into the ear
canal, it forces the drops into the middle ear space. Given that most ear infections occur in
the space behind the eardrum, it is important to get these antibody ear drops into this region. Failure to push down into the ear canal
prevents the antibody from getting into the region where it is needed most. Remember to pull back on the ear while
applying the drops and pushing down into the ear canal. We hope this video helps you to apply
the drops properly.


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