“Queer Eye” Cast Keeps Fashion Secrets From Each Other | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-My friends here from “Queer Eye.” Hi, guys. -Hello. -Hi. -I need to know, do you all get ready together? Do we all plan this? Is it a whole, like, mood board
situation? -No, we actually keep secrets from each other when it comes
to what we´re wearing. We like to surprise each other. -We used to plan, though. -Why no more? -I think we just like to surprise each other. We´re in a
long-term committed relationship. -You´ve got to keep it spicy, surprise. -Yeah. -I´m into this relationship advice straight from the “Queer
Eye” boys. Okay, you guys cleared up last week at the Creative Emmys. Congratulations. -Thank you. -Four trophies. How are we gonna divvy these out between the
five of you? -They went home with our producers and our casting directors
and our editors, the people who make your show what it is. -And our director, Hisham Abed, congratulations, Hisham. We
love you. -Well done. All right. I want to go down the line and discover who everyone is
wearing. -Yes. Tarun Tahiliani, Indian designer, amazing. -And the necklace? -This is Tarun Tahiliani, also. -Oh, my God. Amazing. -Thank you. -Dapper! -[ Chuckles ] -Can´t say it without smiling — custom Ralph Lauren Purple
Label. -I love the fact you´re smiling. It´s an honor, right? -It´s so exciting. It´s like — It´s — Yeah. I´m just — I´m — Yeah. Very exciting. -And, Bobby, this — We — I just need you to do a little
flash here. -The little see-through moment. -It´s a sheer shirt, too. -Look at this! Who is it? -It´s Amari. -It´s Amari. You guys look spectacular tonight. Anyone we´ve seen on the carpet so far who has killed it? -Indya Moore looked incredible, incredible, incredible. Yeah, and Brittany Snow always looks beautiful. Yeah. -I have to go chase all these people down in a minute. -I´ve been looking down, just grabbing my blotters trying to
get all the oil off of my face, so sadly, I don´t have any comments to make on the
situation, but I´m sure I´ll notice as soon as I leave. -You do have a best-selling “New York Times” book, though. -Number two, but who´s counting? I am. -Oh, my God! Thank you, guys. We are gonna go party later, right? -Absolutely. We´ll see you after. -Love you.

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