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(transition whooshes)
(smooth music) (text chimes) – Oh, hey, how’s it goin’? You ready to get unready? (transition whooshes) So my first step is to
wash my face, obviously. I do it in a different
way depending on the day. If I have worn makeup, I use soap. If I haven’t, I actually don’t. I get dry skin, so using
any type of cleanser usually dries my skin out. Just like waxing a car, you
should go in little circles. So with my final rinse, I usually actually do a really nice cold compress, ’cause it soothes the redness on my face and just calms it down. So after that, pat it dry. Just a little happy pat, you know, just like little happy
trees, a little happy pat. Now, my first step is to get
rid of my enraged red skin, I like to use this Phyto
Corrective Gel from SkinCeuticals. It’s got a little green to it, but the best part of it
is it just soothes my skin and makes the irritation go down, so when I wake up in the morning, I’ve got a nice, even tone. So I first discovered SkinCeuticals at a resort in Mexico,
I was getting a facial, and they recommended using this, and so I started using this,
and then when we started filming season three for Queer Eye, SkinCeuticals had sent
Jonathan a bunch of stuff, and started using it for myself. And ever since then,
I love their products. I use them a lot. My next step is the C and E Ferulic? Ferulic, ferulic?
(screen beeps) My next step, I like to use a nice vitamin C and vitamin E oil, and honestly I don’t really know what it does, but apparently it does something great ’cause it’s the latest
rage, everyone’s doing it. Pro tip. Do not get it on your beard because you will go through a few weeks where you think that your facial hair is turning more ginger that it used to, and you wonder, “How am I turning “more redheaded as I get older?” And then you realize,
nope, it’s vitamin C. My next step is this little beauty here. It’s a Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2. So you put that on,
circles, I love circles ’cause when you go up and down like that, you have a tendency to damage this little delicate
little skin around the eye. And Jonathan always says,
“You gotta be very careful “with the skin around your eyes.” You should always use this finger ’cause it’s the weakest of your fingers and it will damage the skin
around your eyes the least. When I wake up in the morning, I feel more refreshed, my skin
feels a little more plump. One other thing that is a huge portion of my nightly routine is having at least this much water
before I go to sleep. Especially for people who are very pasty and Irish and British
and Nordic like I am, you need a lot of moisture in your skin, and honestly, the best
repair comes from inside, so you wanna make sure
you drink a lot of water. If you drink a lot of water before bed, or actually throughout the whole day, you will notice more of
a difference in your skin than any skincare product can give you. Water, water, water, it is the best thing for your skin all the way. My next lovely little item here is called the A.G.E. Interrupter. So, you just take a little just like you did with the last one. Circle, another circle. What, do you see, I’m
already looking younger. So I’ve been using this since I was 65, and so as you can see, I mean, by my face, I’m younger than that now. So I would say it’s really worked. You know, sometimes I get a little stuffy. So when I get stuffy,
often after I’ve been out and about in New York on trips, or we travel so much that we get so many different pollens and allergies. (sniffles) and I can’t breathe. So, I like to get a little eucalyptus oil and (inhales) smell it, put
a little here on my mustache. Like this. (inhales) Mm, it just opens you up. You know, another thing that
I like to use in my routine is this little needle roller thingy. I forget what they’re called, but my husband, who is a facial surgeon, says that this is great because it cultivates or
aerates or, I don’t know, it does something, but
apparently it’s really good because it pokes little holes in the skin and thus causing a little bit of damage, thus causing your skin to repair itself, thus creating new skin. Ooh, oh, it also pulls
the hair out of your face so be careful with that one. I looked like the Grand-Freaking-Canyon before I started using
this and alas, now I don’t. So my final step, just because, again, I get a little red and irritated, or just irritated depending on the day, I like to use a little jade roller. Now, you can get these as
a rose stone or a amethyst. I use the jade one because the jade one is the one I was given, and I
like things when they’re free. So you roll it up and
down, and it’s so cool. And if you’ve watched the show, you know I’m always so friggin’ hot. Netflix, let’s do Juneau next
year, let’s do Nome, Alaska. It is beautiful in the summer. Just a thought. Do you actually see, literally, the redness went down a little bit? And I’m not making that
up, it really does. It just makes your skin
feel so much better. All right, so, that really is my final step before I go to bed. It’s amazing how just rolling your skin can make a difference. Goodnight.


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