Ray (12/12) Movie CLIP – A Healing Flashback (2004) HD

you’ve come through
the worst of
the physical reactions. We should begin
psychotherapy sessions. Uh, look, forget
the head shrinking, Doc. l can handle this. Mr. Charles, you’re not the first
celebrity junkie l’ve treated. Junkie? What– Nobody cons me at any price. l’m not trying to do that. lf you want me
to give that judge
a positive report, you will have to earn it. Doc? Dr. Hacker? Doc?(George)
Ray, come on, Ray,
play with me!(Aretha)
He ain’t there.(Aretha) Talk to me, son. l ain’t no bad dream.
l’m a part of you. Even all that dope
couldn’t keep me away. Mama, l kept my promise. You got strong all right. Went places l never dreamed of. But you still became a cripple. Come here, baby.
Come here. (George) Ray? lt wasn’t your fault. Now promise us you’ll never let
nobody or nothing turn you into
no cripple ever again. That you’ll always stand
on your own two feet. Promise.


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