Ray (3/12) Movie CLIP – Little Ray Goes Blind (2004) HD

Ray, come on, let me put
this salve on l got
from Dr. McLeod. No, l don’t like it.
lt stings. Boy, get up here. l paid a whole dollar for it.
lt better work. Now hold up your head,
like the doctor says. This is gonna
make you feel better. Ray, come on in for dinner. [thunder rumbling]
And stop rubbin’ those eyes. Ray, l won’t beat around
the bush with you. You’re goin’ blind. The doctor’s sayin’
there’s nothing they can do,
so we got to do it ourselves. Yes, ma’am, l know, but– Stop it. Stop it right now. We ain’t got no time
for no tears. Ain’t nobody gonna
have no pity on you just ’cause you’re goin’ blind. Now wipe them eyes. Yes, ma’am. Okay, l’ll show you
how to do something once. l’ll help you
if you mess up twice. But the third time,
you’re on your own, ’cause that’s the way
it is in the world. All right, now get up. Remember, you goin’ blind,
but you ain’t stupid. Remember how many stairs
there were? Four. Good. You’re gonna
have to learn
how to use your memory. Now turn around. l want you
to hold out your hands, and use them as your eyes,
and find the door. Good.
That’s real good, baby.##[music playing]


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