Realm of Bizarre News: Vol 1 : Bizarre Human Eye Stories

Time now for a few cases about the human eye.
First off we have a security guard, who’s age 82 at the Monticello Raceway in New York.
He was actually putting a collar on a horse and the horse butted him in the head. The
horse was a well known race horse. Now, he had been kicked by horses before but never
head butted. But the man was blind in his right eye up until that time. Suddenly his
eyesight became restored. What happened was, back in 1942, and this was when he was just
a young man, shrapnel hit him in that eye and he lost 95 to 99% of his eyesight. The
doctors wanted to remove that eye but he refused. He’s 82 now, 64 years without any sight in
that eye. Suddenly the horse head butted him in the head and his eye sight is back. Not
totally restored, but significantly improved. And an ophthalmologist thought that possibly
this was due to the fact that the eye had been displaced by the original shrapnel and
the horse butt actually changed the position so that it was more stabilized. But amazing
that a head butt from a horse restores a man’s eyesight. Now I have another case. This is
over in Suffolk, England. A woman, age 42, had been blind for 27 years, since age 15.
It was due to epilepsy and a drug that she took for it that caused this terrible blinding
reaction. Well, an ophthalmologist came up with the idea of taking part of her tooth
root and transplanting it to her eye to reinforce the optic never and she’s now able to see
there due to her tooth. The question is why someone didn?t think of that much earlier.
She had been going on 27 years with this condition. And then down in South Australia in Unley,
we have an unusual case. A man died at age 22, he was blind since age 5 months due to
an illness. But amazingly his corneas were healthy and they were transplanted into a
woman 19 years ago and she has had vision since then from a blind man’s corneas. Beyond


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