Red And Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial for hooded eyes – Morphe 25L Artistry Eyeshadow Palette

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I
am Vasiliki and in this video I’m going to show you how to do this red and
pink eye makeup look using the 25l palette by morphe
this time I wanted to do something with the red eyeshadows and I hope that you like the
eye look that I have done let me know in the comments below if you want to see
some other eye makeup looks with colors or not let the blending begin so I want
to start with this matte red eye shadow it is so gorgeous it is called life and
with an angled crease brush by essence I’m pressing the eyeshadow in the outer
crease if you have hooded eyes like me don’t forget to look down into your
mirror so you can see this area here that is folding with the same brush I’m
starting blending the edges and I will try to keep the color only in the outer
part of my eyes I want this color to be more noticeable so I’m using a second
layer tilt your head back to blend the edges better after that I want to
continue with eye shadow sexuality this hot pink matte eyeshadow I’m taking the
product with the same brush and I’m blending the edges of the red eyeshadow
going to change the brush and I’m taking the zoeva to 2/5 rush I don’t have any
product on the bristles I’m just blending the edges I’m taking some bowl of the hot pink
eyeshadow and I’m blending the edges I continue blending all the colors
together without any product on my brush I’m also blending on the eyelid I’m
going to continue with eye shadow heart this one is like a new day the light
pink eyeshadow with a matte finish with this eye shadow I’m going over the edges
of the hot pink eyeshadow I want to lighten up the inner part of my eyes so
I’m going to take eyes shadow milk this one here is a mother shadow with a white
color I’m using the same brush and this creates an ombre effect of pink colors
on my eyelid I want to use something similar so I’m taking eyes shadow
Stonewall this one is better to use it with your fingertips because it has a
creamy consistency and this one has a light champagne color with some very
fine gold microfilter for the inner corner I’m going to use a sponge tip
applicator with a small smudging brush by essence I’m taking again the red
eyeshadow and I’m placing that on the outer part of my lower lashline also a
little bit on the outer eyelid I’m applying a second layer with the same brush I’m taking this
light pink eyeshadow again I’m placing that in the inner lower lashline and
with this one I’m also going over the edges of the red eyeshadow with a sponge
tip applicator I’m using the eyeshadow stonewall in the inner part of my lower
lash line I’m using just a little bit of the hot pink eyeshadow in the outer
crease in the waterline I’m using a nude eye pencil by Tommy G cosmetics I have
applied lashes mascara and eyeliner all the products are listed in the
description box below and on my lips I want to use these do full lips
conditioning lip butter by Catrice cosmetics and they have the shade let’s
do this you can watch here another eye look with
this palette if you liked this video please give it a
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I will see you in my next video bye


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