Red & Aqua Graphic Liner | Makeup Tutorial

today I’m going to be doing a tutorial
on this look right here. it is a very mod slash holiday look. I think it might be
one of my favorite tutorials I’ve ever done. just because it has glitter it’s
geometric I don’t know I just really really am happy with the way it turned
out and I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial. I did this I already and I just
want to note when I look straight forward you can’t see the entire red
line I am aware of that. the problem is my eye right here kind of like sags so it
folds over and covers the red and I didn’t want to bring the red even higher
because the overall shape of everything just generally will start to get bigger
and I feel like it would look too big if I brought the red a little bit higher. to
do this graphic look I’m gonna go in first with this Fenty eyeliner and this
is the Alien Bae color. Meg was given this at work and these are amazing the
whole glitter release concept which I’ll show you how to do is truly amazing. I
haven’t ever seen anything like it before the glitter doesn’t follow it’s a
fluffy texture but it’s very pigmented so it’s not like it’s thin. it goes on
very very opaque I think during an eyeliner look like this can be very
difficult for some people so I do advise for you to take your time and practice
I’m very comfortable with eyeliner so this is actually very easy for me to do
but if you don’t have a steady hand or if you’re not very familiar with like
the shape of your eyes this can probably turn into a mess very easily so just be
careful. so I’m going in first with the eyeliner I’m going to block it all
across my eye and when you first apply the eyeliner it doesn’t have any glitter
to it. so I’m just getting the majority of this navy black color all across my eye. I always find that pulling my eye taught really helps in the control
I’m bringing the line pretty straight up and it’s gonna go towards the point of
my eyebrow. you really want to look straight in between each step and make
sure the shape is matching to see where the angle of the eyeliner is going on
the edge. sometimes it’s easier to get it even if you’re really focusing on doing
it when you’re looking straight ahead the shape kind of goes right up to my
crease and a little over it you can see here I have a double fold on both of my
eye so it’s going over the first fold a little bit Then I’m rounding out the inner corner and really tapering it okay so this is the general shape you
want to have it doesn’t necessarily flick up. it is a very standard mod shape.
next I’m going in with the smashbox always on metallic matte and this is Rouge A. this liquid lip color I know this isn’t very typical to put lip stuff on
your eyes but the way the formula is and the way it dries down, it’s going to
work very similarly to an eyeliner. it’s gonna be much easier than working with a
pigment or a pressed eyeshadow and I’m not putting it really close to my eyes
just gonna go right on my lid so it’s honestly not gonna affect me I would
only be hesitant if I was gonna be getting it closer to my eye. so what I do
for this is I’ll just put some on the back of my hand. this as well as a very
fluffy formula. then I’m using this Sigma brush and this is the E17 brush. it is a
block shape at the end and it’s very tapered and very thin. you want to use a
very small brush that can either be like an angled brush like an eyeliner brush
so you have something precise to work with because you are doing such a thin
line. so I’m gonna get some of this lip color on both sides of the brush make
sure it’s evenly dispersed and then I’m going to very carefully just line the
top part of the Fenty liner so this eye, the red part got very thick so
I’m going to go over it with a little bit more of the Fenty liner to thin it
up okay so that’s this I done again when I
look straight forward some of it will fold into my crease and that’s just the
way my eyes are. so now to release the glitter I’m taking a q-tip and very
lightly in circular motions just rubbing along the eyeliner and then
you’ll see the glitter release. you do not want to do this with a brush because
it’s a little bit too aggressive and will make the eyeliner move and budge
for my foundation I’m gonna be using the Milani foundation and this is an 09
tan and a Real Techniques b03 brush. this foundation is very thick and full
coverage I do like it though and as I’ve mentioned before Meg and I have gotten
this in the past and then returned it because of the smell but we ended up
repurchasing it and I get over this smell I think it’s a little bit more on the
golden side then my NARS Cadiz and it works better for me now because since
it’s about to be winter and it’s the end of fall I tend to lose a little bit of
color in my face and I tend to go more on the golden side so this foundation is
perfect for me right now in the summer when I get more of a tan I
have more of a pink undertone so the Cadiz is a little bit more pink
undertone. make sure to get this on the top of my eye
Gonna go in with some concealer I’m blending it in with a real
techniques setting brush and for my brows I’m brushing them up
first through with a spooly and then I’m lightly filling them in this is the
anasazi eyebrow pencil now I’m going to go in with some brow
gel then to finish off my eyes I’m gonna
tight line just the top waterline and I’m using the Eyeko sport waterproof
eyeliner. meg and I were sent this which we’re very grateful for and this is
amazing I’ve put it on my lower waterline which
always leads no matter what and it did not bleed at the end of the work day I
was so amazed it is such a great eyeliner and it’s twisty which just
makes everything very easy and then to finish off my eyes I’m going
to load up on mascara on the top and bottom lashes I forgot to set my under eyes just gonna
set it with the tiny bit of the Elf under eye HD setting powder. Then I’m gonna put
some bronzer on and this is the Becca Ipanema Sun bronzer and I’m using a
Charlotte Tilbury sculpting brush I’m actually gonna put this lip color on
full-on I think I’ll look nice and match the eyeliner that I used it as at the
top at first I thought it’s gonna be too much but I think that’s okay and that is makeup complete


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