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Hi, Byrdie. My name is Matin, and I’m here with Lauren
to show you this beautiful look that I did for Angelina a little while ago in New York
City. Hope you enjoy! So whenever I start makeup, I always start
with a good face massage. Sometimes I use a face mask, depending on
what the condition of the skin is. This one is an oil that I’m using. The oil is by Leonor Greyl, and it’s called
Beauty Secret Oil, a beauty oil that keeps the skin glowy, and it’s wonderful during
the wintertime to keep everything looking fresh. So I usually massage the oil all over the
face, neck, and décolleté, depending on how much skin they’re showing, and go right
into a mattifying moisturizer just to get rid of the shine on the T-zone and wherever
the skin tends to get shiny. A little bit of lip oil lip balm—this one
is a lip oil from ChapStick—and I usually let the lips soak the oil while I’m doing
the makeup so it’s always nice and fresh. Foundation I use a little bit differently
than most people. I use it only to even out the skin tone and
not to really cover. The problem with covering too much is that
you get that masky-looking skin all over the face, so it’s very important to use a smaller,
detailed brush or a sponge and only use it where you need to even out the tone to get
rid of some redness, take some of the sun damage out, but the foundation is not supposed
to be used as a cover-up. That comes later with concealer. That’s all the foundation she needs, literally
just a pump, and I blend it with the brush and then just work it on the skin. Don’t forget to use the foundation wherever
you’re exposing the skin because when the camera hits and the flash goes off, the skin
needs to read the same, and it bounces off differently if you don’t have the foundation. Next step is a concealer, and this is an important
step also. You want to choose a concealer that not only
matches the skin but also a concealer that doesn’t cake and it doesn’t get too heavy,
under the eyes especially. Concealer is used anywhere that you need to
perfect the skin. I usually use it under the lips where the
shadow is cast a little bit. As you can see, it just lifts right away. You don’t want to put it on the line but right
where the shadows are, and that’s how you get a nice lift. And you don’t need to resort into heavy contouring
and highlighting if you do the skin right. When you’re doing concealer under the eyes,
you don’t want to put it all under here. It’s usually what you see on the tutorials:
They just kind of put on too much concealer all the way. It’s very important to put as little as possible
in order to make it last all day and also in order to make the skin look youthful. One of the biggest mistakes is using too much
concealer, especially on the outer sides of the eyes. What happens when you do it on the outer sides? When you smile, it goes into the creases. It goes into the creases. Right now, you’re very young, so you don’t
really have the lines, but once you have the lines in, you know, this area moves all the
time, the laugh lines, so it always moves. That eye area also gets warm, it melts the
products, and it just kind of settles into the lines and makes you look older. So concealer is applied only where it’s needed—it’s
where the shadow is. You want to get rid of that, you know, the
blueness and the redness under the eye, but again, the more real the skin looks, the prettier
the outcome would be and not that plastic doll look that we see on social media a lot. I’m using a little brightening powder by Laura
Mercier here. I’m using a very fluffy synthetic brush so
it doesn’t hold too much powder, and I get rid of the powder on my hand, then very lightly
set the concealer immediately. Before we do anything for the eyes, I’m gonna
curl the lashes. A good lash curler is very important to have,
or a few of them, in case you’re a makeup artist, because they have different kind of
curve, and it’s very important to get the right fit for the eye. And then I’m using black gel liner from Laura
Mercier with a flat brush just to thicken the lash line. So you press right here, and it just exposes
the root of the lashes, and you go right where the lashes grow. I want them to remember this is not applied
on the waterline. It’s only applied at the root of the lashes. That way when you blink, it doesn’t transfer
on the bottom. So as a base, I used MAC Chilled on Ice. It’s like a nice little cream with a tiny
touch of shimmer, but it has hidden shimmer, so it just looks like satin when you put it
on. You could just use your fingers with it. And then to open up the inner corner of the
eyes, I always use this beautiful RMS cream shadow. It’s called Living Luminizer, and this could
be used anywhere on the face. The glow on the cheek I always add on, so
I start with an oil, then I go into that, and at the end, I can use even some liquidy
serum that has shimmer in it to make sure that the cheekbones come out beautiful. And now I’m using a Kajal that I have made
for myself in Afghanistan, and this is like a cream. You can use a cream black eye shadow or a
black eyeliner along the lashes to create a definition. You don’t have to be very careful with this. You can even be a little messy at first. Because it’s a cream and it has enough playtime,
you can just blend it. So we’re creating a smoky eye, but at the
same time, it’s still a clean look for the eyes. This is just the remnants of the concealer
on my brush, and I’m just kind of cleaning up the way I want the line to be. It’s always good to fix the creams with powders
in order to make them last longer, so I’m just using a little bit of the translucent
powder where I use the cream. So you can use any black eye shadow. I’m using this beautiful black one from Laura
Mercier—it’s a baked eye shadow—and I’m basically pulling the color from the lashes
up and out not too much in the middle, because we want to open up the eyes a little bit. And just to create a little bit of shadow
on the crease, you can bring in the color and just wipe it off so there’s a ghost of
it left to create the shape without actually looking like you have a cut crease there. Lining the bottom of the eyes is a personal
thing: Some people like it, some people don’t. For a very smoky eye, you can just leave it
alone and just do the top, but for this particular look, we did kind of halfway on the bottom
and then all the way on top. Some women, they prefer not to put too much
liner on the bottom if they have very dark circles. This is just whatever is left on my concealer
brush, just picks up all of the pigments that I don’t want. I’m gonna add a little mascara. What mascara is that? It feels thick and good. This one is Nars Audacious. Thick and good is good. We want lashes good. It’s a good basic one to have. You need to open the eyes. I’m gonna put a little bit of mascara, especially
on the center at the very end of the lashes, and that just kind of opens the eyes this
way. So a lot of times, instead of doing heavy
makeup, I usually try to layer lashes in a certain way to create shape for the eyes. That way you can cheat and not use a heavy
liner on heavy makeup, and it looks very fresh and clean without looking like you have a
lot on. And also another tip is to blend in different
length lashes, so I go from a medium to a short in order to make it look seamless. She’s ready for a red carpet. Thank you for watching! If you have any questions, put it on comments
below, and I’ll be glad to answer them for you.


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