Red Cross Presents Lifesaving Awards: A Critical 7 Minutes

We’ve been married for six years,
we’ve been together I think it’s a total of 11 years now that we’ve been dating. It was a very normal Saturday. It couldn’t have been more normal. We ran some
errands. We came home and we had we had Aiden, our newborns, who was five weeks old
at the time. I took him in the other room to change his diaper and when I came
back in, Andrea I was just laying there on the ground. So i called 9-1-1 put it on speakerphone and then you know got down next to her on my knees and started
trying to think through what I had learned at my Red Cross CPR training. So
then I pretty immediately just started going through chest compressions while I
was talking and doing those the whole time when I was talking to the 911
operator. The whole time I was on the phone with
911 and giving her CPR our five week old is screaming in the background. There’s
all kinds of thoughts going through your head about having to raise the our child
on my own. What could happen here if she doesn’t
make and I have hearing him screaming in the back of my mind the whole time. So they eventually figured out what
happened and identified that she has a heart condition that she was born with. After the fact, everybody was explaining to me how
critical those seven minutes were and that you know that was pretty emotional
for me to know how important it was that I did what I did and I think the scarier
part of the back of my mind was how bad of a situation it could have been if I
didn’t react that way. It’s amazing that he kept his composure
and you know really looked back to what he had learned in those CPR classes and
remembered the components of what he needed to do and did them and did them
correctly. Well I’m one of the biggest CPR advocates now because I’ve learned firsthand obviously the importance of those skills.
Hopefully you’re never in a situation like that, but if you are,
would you rather know what to do or would you rather not know what to do? I didn’t think about it twice prior to this happening to me because it just
seems so a concept that was so far-fetched but it can happen to anybody
and in certain situations CPR could save someone’s life. I’m a testament of it all working.

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