Red Dead Redemption 2 Dead Eye And Open World Activities Explained

Another week, another Red Dead Redemption
2 gameplay trailer. I’m Tony, and this GameSpot News Update will
break down the key points. First, let’s talk about that Dead Eye system. The new-and-improved shooting mechanic will
level up in stages, allowing you to slow down time, ping multiple targets, and even highlight
the vital areas on other characters. Of course, if you just gun down half the town
in slow motion, expect to have some law enforcement on your back. They’ll also hunt you down for robberies,
and the trailer highlights just how many of those you can pull off in Red Dead 2. You can rob trains, stagecoaches, houses,
general stores, and even just general pedestrians. You can also take on smaller, personal side
quests too if you’re not about that criminal life. All of this ties into Rockstar’s philosophy
of giving you choices in how you play the game. You can decide what weapons to carry, what
horse to ride, and even when to eat, shave, and bathe. As we said in our hands-on preview, all of
that will feed back into a fluid open world that reacts to you. You can check out that full preview, which
also details the game’s first-person mode, horse drifting, and more, on

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