Red Dead Redemption 2: How do Cores work?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a TON of systems
to keep track of. Many of them are super important, but the
game doesn’t explain them that well. One of the most critical is the Cores System. Here’s how it all works. Arthur has three main cores to worry about:
Health, Stamina and Dead Eye. Health obviously lets you take more shots,
stamina lets you sprint for longer and dead eye lets you slow down time to make careful
shots. Around each of your cores is a ring. For stamina, this ring represents how long
you can sprint before you start dipping into your core. If you continue sprinting when your ring is
gone, you core will start decreasing. If you stop sprinting, through, the ring will
refill on its own. A note: if your stamina core is partially
empty (perhaps from sprinting too much), the ring will refill more slowly. If you can avoid digging into your stamina
core by taking a rest, you should do it. Worth noting, though, that the Dead Eye ring
doesn’t return by waiting. The only way to refill your dead eye meter
naturally is by getting kills (without using dead eye). Each kill will give you a chunk of dead eye
back on your ring. But if you continue to use dead eye after
your ring is gone, it’ll dig into your dead eye core, just like with stamina and health. Thankfully there’s a way to instantly replenish
your cores. Eating food will refill your various cores
back to full. Food is plentiful and easy to get so there’s
really no reason you should ever be running around with a diminished core. Just make sure you’re only eating when you
need to, or you’ll become overweight, which will have an impact on your abilities. You may find that, in the middle of a fire
fight, you won’t have time to wait for your rings to refill naturally. That’s where tonics come in. Tonics can be consumed for an instant, one-time
use refilling of your rings. It’ll even give you a few seconds of damage
immunity, infinite sprinting or infinite dead eye after consuming a tonic. As you utilize your rings, your cores will
earn experience and eventually “level up.” Leveling up a specific core will increase
the size of the ring around it, letting you survive, sprint or keep dead eye active for
longer. As it happens, Arthur’s horse also has two
cores to keep track of: health and stamina. These work exactly like they do for Arthur,
letting your horse survive or gallop for longer. Refilling your horse’s cores is as simple
as feeding it food, but you’ll also want to groom and clean the horse occasionally
to ensure that it has its maximum abilities. As you progress, you’ll find other ways
to enhance your cores, like trinkets, but for the first dozen or so hours, this should
keep you alive and kicking in the West.


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