Red Eared Slider Turtle Laying Eggs At Reptiland With Three Year Old!

I know, let me video it. How do you know she’s–
She’s digging. I can’t see her front body, just the back.
It’s right there! Let Conal see!
I see! You’ve got a good view right there?
Yeah, yeah, she’s nesting. How about let Conal see.
Let Conal see. All right. She’s making a nest, she’s gonna
lay eggs! Ooo. Turtle.
Right down there, see her? That’s a mommy turtle. She’s gonna lay some
eggs. Yeah.
It’s so neat. For babies.
Yeah, there’s going to be baby turtles in there soon.
That is awesome. I didn’t know, I’m glad you know about this
stuff. I don’t know any of that…
I mean hopefully she’s not digging a dummy nest cuz then we can’t wait around (laughs).
I’m hoping this is the real deal because they’ll dig fake ones too to throw off predators.
Will it show her laying the egg? Yeah!
How soon? Uh, when she digs deep enough, that’s on her
speed. I think–
so we should come back? I don’t know, we might miss it if we come
back. Hmm.
She’s digging pretty good. So, cuz I don’t know how deep she needs to
dig to, to lay the eggs. I’m not sure of the exact specifics for red
ears. Wait, say it again because I’m recording.
It’s what an old red eared slider looks like. If you look the red is almost gone it’s just
dark. Yeah!
Yeah, it’s what happens when they get really old.
I wanna see an ooo, aaa. Yeah.
Ooo, aahh is cool. (giggles)
You see the old turtle? You–
Yeah– I don’t think he can really see.
That’s a Nana turtle. It’s a girl?
No. Yeah, it is.
Now, prolly check on the progress of the eggs. How we doing, sweetie?
I just wanna help her out. (giggles) Oh that was like white stuff.
Nah, it’s no egg yet. That was white stuff that came out.
Don’t turtles are– How big are the eggs?
There where baby turtles come. It’s roughly about…that big.
Oh, okay, about quarter size? It’s a little baby turtle–
Cuz remember about little Remmy was– –A big one went right past me!
Yep! Didn’t even hear.
Ooo, got a big sized wound on the back of her head.
I know! I wanted to, oh my gosh, I dunno what happened.
Prolly a fight. She’s kinda big.
Yep. Yeah, Demeter could get that big. Ohhh.
Sometimes I get a– Or she could get even bigger over here.
Oh, I know. Mama’s a giant.
That’s why I don’t really register her as a red eared slider. See if I can see from
your stand point for a little better. Yeah, I can see a little better. I can get a look at her. She’s definitely
giant. I know.
That was an old egg that she just dug out. Right, so that’s about the size of the egg
she’s about to lay.
Oh, wow When can Conal get up?
Conal wants to get on your shoulders, honey. All right.
She’s gotta be about ready to lay then if she just dug up an old one.
Yeah right, look. It’s gotta be an appropriate depth soon.
Yeah. She might, she might end up only burying one
or two though. It’s still a pretty good size compared to her though, you know?
Yeah. It’s hard to see what she’s doing right now.
She’s just digging. Trying to keep it on her though, I mean, I
feel like she’s doing to do it any minute now though, but she dug up that old one.
I’m glad that there’s not a species that watches me give birth. (giggles)
It would be so awkward. I do think it’s cool that she’s pregnant like
me. Yeah, but she don’t gotta carry it nearly
as long. I know.
She’s gets, she gets to ditch it. (laughs)
I would not ditch Luke. She only has to carry it up to embryo stage.
Hmm. It is hot outside.
Yeah. Oh, she likes food!
Mhmm. That means there’s food.
Oh, I didn’t get that picture of him because I accidentally had it on video.
It’s fine though. How about we feed the turtles?
We already did that, baby. We won’t have, we won’t have money for Conal
to get a present if we feed the turtles again. How about Conal wants a turtle toy.
If you say so lady. He already did.
Don’t you want an alligator toy? Hmm.
Nope. Conal wants a duck toy.
Really he barely got to look at the toys, that’s the only toy I think he saw so…
Oh! Oh! Is she?
A egg! Oh, I thought I saw an egg in there, it was
just balled up mud. I was about to be really annoyed.
No! That is an egg?
I don’t see anything? Wait, no, it’s a root. Never mind, okay. It
was the angle was so bad, I was seeing white and I was freaking.
She’s gotta do it soon, we’ve been here for like ten minutes.
No, I don’t want it right now. Put it on Conal’s head.
You want to wear daddy’s hat? Now, don’t drop it in with the turtles, buddy.
(giggles) (mowers whirring)
Smile at momma! Cheese!
(giggles) This is cool, it’s the first time I’ve actually
seen a turtle nest in real life. I know. See aren’t you glad I woke you up
early? Yeah, I am.
Um, daddy, I think they’re having fun in the water.
Stopping at Reptiland was a great idea. Uh, okay.
I think it was your idea. I don’t think I can take credit for it.
Oh, digging up a root. It’s getting pretty deep.
Yeah, right! She’s digging up roots for sure and it’s prolly
not a dummy nest if that’s her other egg that’s there.
Well, I agree with you. I wanna say I see another old shell in there.
Hmm. Oh, Daddy, how about Conal gets a toy?
Conal, you need to be patient, or daddy’s gonna say no toy.
All right, I’m gonna pause it. This is a wood turtle.
Now there’s two egg shells that the pregnant turtle red eared slider has kicked up.
The technical term is gravid. It looks like she’s baring down, Cor, she’s
not digging anymore. Prolly resting. It’s prolly actually pretty
tiring. Yeah. Oh, nope, there she goes. She’s digging.
This guy’s coming along. Yeah, you see him?
See what’s going on. Yeah, she dug up another shell.
Another one? Yep.
You guys know what’s up. I can’t really get you though.
Yep, there’s a third shell. Yep, turtle!
Let me see! Turtle!
Yep! Look at, I think, turtles!
Cool. Awesome. There’s big ol’ fat turtles!
(laughter) Not there, mommy’s taping.
What’cha doing? She’s like sniffing her?
Mhmm. She’s just curious.
Conal, stop! Mommy’s trying to tape. She just kicked it in the face.
I’m trying to tape them, but… We should move that turtle, like, get out
of the way. (Mower whirring)
Let her do her thing. The only thing stopping me is I know a turtle
will just go right back to what it was doing after you’ve removed it.
Yeah. Here! Here’s some more feed.
Now we’re going to miss her laying it, if that turtle’s in the way.
Conal, Daddy wants you closer. She can’t even reach the bottom of the hole.
We should just help her, get a shovel and dig.
Right! There you go.
Can I go give some of this to the bigger ones over there?
The big ones will probably eat it. They’re hungry.
Yay! Seriously though I wish I could just dig it
for her. I know.
Here, let me do this. I know what you’re trying to do, let me help
you out. Cory says this wood turtle is definitely a
boy. You can see that tail. Can you see him all right? Or do you need
Daddy to hoist you up? He can’t see the wood turtle.
All right. Here. Watch as it’s the crowning moment (laughs).
Yeah, I know! (laughs) Look, see! That’s a pretty turtle, isn’t it?
Mhmm. Yeah.
No, she’s still waiting. Grr, I keep stopping.
Oh. (sighs) I missed her laying the first egg, I hope there’s another one she lays because
I missed that! (laughter)
I’m glad you didn’t miss it either! Oh.
We have to wait for her to do another one, Cory cuz I totally missed it.
Assuming she does another one. Oh my gosh, all that for one egg?
I just turned off my camera when she did it too.
How about we do it on the egg. Yeah, you see the egg? Right there–
The white? –You see the white egg?
Mhmm. We got one egg!
Ooohh! Yay! Yeah, she just laid it.
Oh, let’s see? Dad. We got an egg. She made it.
Where? Look, right there, that little white dot underneath
there. If you come over here you can see better. Yeah, come on.
On the other side of me, you can see. One at a time!
See. There’s another one!
There’s another egg! Oh my gosh!
You see the egg and another one? It took her about a minute to lay the eggs
so we gotta a minute, hopefully there’s another one.
Is it a white egg? Yeah.
Yeah! Sometimes white eggs is wanting to get hatched
like a baby turtle. Yeah, a baby turtles gonna come outta there.
Mhmm. Prolly another minute, another one will come
out. Baby turtles, remember the baby turtles guys?
Yeah, isn’t it cool, Con? Mhmm.
Cory I caught that second one that laid– Yeah?–
But I’m so mad because I missed that first one! I just–
I’m wondering, is she going to roll them into the deeper, or, I’m hoping–
I’m hoping so cuz she didn’t dig very far and the other end that she is making wider.
Huh? Baby turtle swims in the egg.
So she’s not knowing where she’s aiming. She might not. A predator wouldn’t come and
get the egg here would they? Like a bird? Or a raccoon. Raccoon are big time turtle
predators. Uhh! There’s another one!
Don’t you just wanna take it home? (laughs) Have another little guy?
Can’t say I blame you, I mean we’d had it from a hatch-ling perspective.
From an egg, oh my god. Same age pretty much as Luke too you know?
Yeah, I mean I don’t have an incubator, I don’t have–
3…4.. Wow.
It’s more eggs Conal, look! She’s got four eggs now.
I know, but it would be cool if we could get the set up.
I just want to touch it to see what they feel like! Cuz they’re leathery they’re not like,
they’re not like chicken eggs, they’re leathery. Oh, really?
Yeah. I’ve never touched one, but I know I can’t.
Cuz why? We’ll be kicked out, I don’t want, I also
don’t want to miss the the hatch-ling with all.
Yeah about every thirty seconds she’s laying another egg.
Yeah. (banging noise)
I wish they would stop the banging… She might be done.
Mm. There’s five!
Oop. There we go! Now, that, oh, I thought that was gonna roll
on the deeper side. That’s what I thought too.
Uh. This is so awesome that Conal’s seeing this,
Cory. You see the turtle eggs?!
Mhmm. Our 3 almost 4 year old gets to witness life.
And, and the turtle don’t wanna break the egg.
No she doesn’t, you’re right, those are her babies.
Cory, that is so awesome. Mhmm.
(bird caws) Six.
Good, I wasn’t sure what number we had. This one’s coming to investigate.
We got a nest. She just laid six eggs.
(laughter) Except she’s, uh, missing.
Yeah, I know. Ooo, ahhh, on this turtle big.
Yeah, she hasn’t made a single one in the nest itself.
(giggles) Well, there’s like two holes.
Yeah. (sighs) Oh boy.
Cory’s dying to hold one of the eggs– Well (laughs) I see it–
–just to see what it feels like. I’ll see how she. Now that one busted it.
Oh those are old ones. Yeah she dug those ones out.
Oh, old ones. Yeah, we like watched her from the beginning.
Yeah. Could, ah, could he touch the egg and see
how it feels? Yeah. There’s some right here. I’ll let her
finish up before I interfere any more. Yeah.
(laughs) Awesome.
Awe. Glad he moved a few–
Oh, there’s seven! Maybe her, how about we move the egg right
there. Mhmm. He will. Just let her finish.
He’ll move her eggs for her. And Daddy, and Daddy will get to touch one.
Maybe. He said you could.
How about Conal too? How about Conal and Mommy too?
I would like too, but we’ll have to see. There’s another guy coming along. Just passing
through. Yeah.
This is so awesome, Cory. Mhmm.
What’s today? The 22nd of June? Mhmm.
2013. (banging)
It’s worth the wait. It really was. Well I thought it couldn’t
take long. Whup! Another one.
Eight. Missed that, but I got it on camera.
Turtle. There’s the white, the egg.
Mhmm. Laying eggs for six minutes, almost seven
minutes now. Got a nest over here if you want to see eggs.
Oh really? Yeah, she just laid what, eight.
Like just now? Yeah.
Yeah, that’s kinda cool. Mhmm.
Been hanging out for the past forty minutes to watch her nest.
You see? About every minute she’s been laying another
egg. Huh. Look, see she’s laying eggs!
Hey, I wonder how long they take, a couple weeks, or?
Noo, noo, Ooh, there’s number 9!
I have the same species as pets they take about five weeks.
Five weeks, wow. She actually cover them up, or attempt to
cover them up? She will, yeah.
Yeah, oh. Pretty cool.
You see how they dent, Gwen? Yeah. Yeah, it’s cuz they’re not like chicken eggs.

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