Red Eye:処方箋ドラッグについて

Q: What are your thoughts on prescription drugs? I don’t really have good memories with that stuff I don’t really wanna, like it makes me think about my past life For example? there was a time where I wasn’t doing well and I’d pop pills nimetazepam and such you know when you experiment with that stuff you do all kinds and I realized that I don’t want to become that kind of person Q: Tell me about the time when you were most under the influence when I’m on one it’s pretty bad, if I told you it’s pretty disturbing If I told you off the top of my mind, there’s an elevator in my building I have no memory of it but I was knocked out in the elevator for three hours like if it’s stopped on the first floor it doesn’t open until someone pushes the open button I was in the corner sleeping yeah that happened when I was on one Q: How old were you? I believe it was when I was in 8th grade when I was 13 or 14


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