Red Eye:大阪ならではの光景

Q: Do you have any memories like ‘damn that old man was cool’ or ‘that lady was nice’ yeah um when I was in junior high there was an incident, I don’t really know what it was about but I had to go down to the police station in Nishinari, in the Airin district, by myself and I’ve never been to Airin district by myself and and there’s a like a lunch break and during that time you either have lunch at the station or there’s about 30 minutes to go out and eat I said I was going to eat out so I went out and was waiting for a friend and right beside the police station a person came walking towards me he’s like, “You want some?” I’m like, “What?” and he’s like, “This shit, you want any?” I was like, “No thank you,” but that right there was something I thought was pretty crazy like really? right next to the police station bro? I was like damn that’s Nishinari for ya


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