Red Eye Cafe & Donuts – Cambridge Ontario’s ONLY gourmet donut shop

– Well, hello, everyone, it is Raquel with the Blackwell Group,
and we are so excited today. We are here with the
owners of the brand new flagship location of the
Red Eye Cafe and Donuts. I am so excited, I wanna
get through this interview so I can just dive in. Look at these things, they
are absolutely phenomenal. But really, let’s hear
the true story as to, guys, what brought you
here, what inspired donuts? – Well, we’ve been looking at around, what’s in the community right now, and currently there was
nothing exactly offering fresh donuts made every day. Usually they’re typically frozen, brought in from another location. So we were looking to bring
something new to the community. Fresh donuts made every day, fresh coffee that’s roasted locally
in Kitchener, as well. And a few other things that
we’ve got up our sleeves. – Fantastic, excellent,
and when are we hoping to see the doors open? – Well, we’re hoping for
later this month in May. Now, things are going a little bit slower than that we initially planned. But as of right now, we’re
still hoping to be open near the beginning of June. – Excellent, fantastic, so stay tuned. I guarantee we will be
here when the doors open on opening day, so all of Cambridge knows that this wonderful donut shop. I mean, they just look
absolutely delicious, is going to be open, so make
sure everybody saves the date. We will let you know when
it’s going to be opening, and we will be here on
location when it does. Thank you very much, and
we look forward to seeing everybody when you come.


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