Red Eye Cookie Co. delivers your late-night sugar rush! | Alumni Profile

– We are Red Eye Cookie Company and the name really originated, we wanted something to capture kind of the fun and quirkiness of the concept of
late-night cookie delivery. So, red eye, red eye flight, kind of carrying on that brand into a signature cookie. When we opened up, we wanted to have most of the classic
flavors kind of covered. So, chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, oatmeal raisin. And then, as we’ve developed, we added in some recipes that were our personal favorites, some things that are a little
off the beaten path as well. So, Richmond seemed like
the perfect place to open when we were kind of scouting locations. The city as a whole has been
extremely welcoming to us and obviously, the
university is a huge part of the business we do here as well. We’ve loved it, the student groups and connecting with different charitable organizations or Greek life, as well
as the college itself. We’ve done a number of events with everything from rec life
to different departments.

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