Red eye flight. Is it true??

Many people say you should not trust the
answers given by Google. So today I’m going to search some random question on Google and we will check if the answer is correct or not. Random questions. asked on Google. and we are asking that on google! okay this one looks interesting. so the question is, “what is a red-eye flight and why it is called so?” but I wonder if this is true… I guess there is only one way to
find out. Now I’m at SiliconValley in California. and I got a ticket of Delta airline to Atlanta. so flight leaves from here at 11 p.m.
and it will reach Atlanta at 7 a.m. so this is not actually an 8 hours flight
but, it’s a five hours flight, but because of the time difference, we will lose
three hours pretty much it’s the ideal the red-eye flight.
Let’s check the eyes before I board. Not Red. And I will check it back when I
reach to Atlanta. It’s time to board. so 6:30 in the morning and I’m at Atlanta airport. My body it’s so confused about what time it is. so let’s see if eyes are Red. Let’s go to the Hotel and sleep.

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