TO OUR KIDS WHO GETS EXPLOITED BY THE DARK SIDE OF OUR SOCIETY Sainu-kka (Brother Sainu) Don’t have money today also Please just give for one more day Leave. Right now Sainukka please I’ll get money tomorrow itself. I din’t get money from anywhere Just get lost Sainukka please Hey Toni Tony is not here He is out selling stuff Should blame you all for these headaches Give him a puff Sainukka, he is like a brother right Sainukka, I’m begging you I’ll do anything you want, Give me atleast one puff Sainukka please Will you do anything Yes, I’ll do Hey, he will do anything itseems You have a smartphone right Take a video some girl bathing naked and come No.. I can’t do that, Sainukka Get lost you dog (teasing and murmuring) Mom: Son, you are back. I have kept the food on the table. I’ll just take bath and come I’ve got what you want Nice work This guy actually got the video Give him some, let him have a blast Good job, Enjoy Watch this We got a new video guys I’ll send it to my phone first Lets watch it first Ha, Lets watch it first That’s some nice curves Where did he get this (commenting continues..) It’s only this much? Have you seen it That’s a beauty in there, is she your neighbour? She is hot Mom: What happened, are you alright?


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