Red Eye Symptoms

Hi, how are you? This is Dr. Redcross, and
welcome to The Redcross Minute. So what are we going to talk about today? So you go to
your doctor…you wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror, and your eye is red.
But you feel fine. You’re wondering, “What’s going on?” Well, depending on what happened
the night before: if you’re an avid reader…or you’ve been straining your eyes…or you’re
just plain tired. You know, that can be what’s called a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage, which
is totally benign. Nothing to worry about. Ok? I know, everyone always comes into the
office and thinks it’s Pink Eye. Don’t forget, there’s some things that go with pink eye,
which I’ll talk about in another Redcross Minute. But, for the most part, just keep
in mind: You wake with that Red Eye, there’s no pain, there’s no problem, you don’t have
any major medical illnesses. Think about that. Think about it being a Subconjunctival Hemorrhage
that is totally benign, and you can talk with your doctor about that, ok? I don’t want you
worrying. Once again, that’s a Redcross Minute.

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