Red Eye – The Haunting Hour Full Episode #47 – The Haunting Hour

Hey, Georgia, how’s your day all right? I had a math test fractions How’d you know well? I got chased by mrs.. Edison’s Pomeranian again actions are worse well Pomeranians are a fraction a fraction of a dog Actually, you know math was my favorite what about you? Geography I can see why your dad’s quite the Globetrotter. Let’s see last week. It was Vienna than it was suruc and now it’s Person is Bulgaria Belgium say you are good at geography? How much longer does he have on his world tour eight weeks down three to go I haven’t delivered this many letters in a long time usually it’s bills or catalogues and who gets excited about those Yeah, it’s sort of a tradition. We have dad could email but What is your special? They sure are and I deliver? You have a good one kid. Thanks Tim. You’re welcome Brussels Belgium the waffles here are the best in the world miss yeah hugs and kisses daddy, Oh? Ah Come on Brussels sprouts get it just a little way to have him at the dinner table with us except daddy hates Brussels sprouts Just like his daughter Do you talk to him today? Where is he going next Frankfurt Germany? I’m the guest tomorrow. We’re having hot dogs uh-huh now we are I Wish I could go with him well he’ll bring you back a souvenir he always does I can’t where you been I needed via There’s a couple of days before there’s anything for me, but you can at least come out and say hi Hi, is there anything for me? You have quite the nose for mail? Hold on hold on So what’s the dad now? favorite ah Deutschland hey, did you hear the one about the German comedian? No, that’s joke that vas the choke Do you get it no exactly this zum nächsten mal, Georgia, but that mean catch you on the flipside Frankfurt sure is pretty but you are prettier Huh Hey kid how are you something on the photo of my dad yesterday Did you open it before he even gets me wait what yellow chocolate on it, maybe Georgia tampering with the mail is a federal offense I could lose my job not to mention going to prison Why would I do that to you I? Don’t know Look there’s one for you today, see I’ll sealed up I’m running late. Have a good one Almost 11 o’clock somebody was tired I’ve said it once. I’ll say it again texting cost money. If you go over your allowance. What are you texting mom? There’s something in Dad’s photos excuse me and the textures he sent me from Germany There’s a thing you can see it like a shadow Something’s wrong. Okay. You’re too young for coffee, but maybe you should have some coffee It’s not fresh in Frankfurt, then in Berlin. It’s following him, Georgia has glowing red eyes That’s just the camera flash. You’re not the flash Sweetie I know it’s hard with Dad away, but please don’t start acting I’m not acting out I get it okay our lives are boring. They’re boring compared to dads he went off on his great Global sales trip and left us here paying bills and doing laundry and homework He takes all the excitement and leaves us nuts not when do you want an adventure? Well, we could uh isn’t about me wanting some stupid adventure mom this is real Okay, okay fine show me this photo I tore it up I’ll make you espresso It’s impossible It habit small objects Up that’s it it’s gotta be it Are you okay, what are you screaming about look dad’s picture look at the picture? She’s Georgia I thought something was wrong something is wrong. It’s right there the out I don’t understand. It’s just a statue No, it’s not turn it over Miss you, honey xoxo daddy I’ve had enough of this nonsense, Georgia. It’s gone far enough I’m not playing along anymore I Don’t know what’s gotten into you, but whatever it is. Just stop it. Am I understood, but not am I understood Yes, okay Fine I’ve got to pick up something for dinner, can you put the clothes in the dryer when the cycle finishes? Georgia I’ll be back in a bit Guten abend Hedison pocket a yes hello may I have Sam, Lowman June, please Make sure to consume it um Sam woman Sam Lowman and Gus yeah Sam homie I need Sam Lowman einen moment bitte Wondered Georgia Lagi yeah, hey, honey, what am I surprised? I was just gonna call you dad. I need to tell you something I don’t have much time sweetheart. I’m running to catch a plane. I’m coming home you what I’m coming home, right? Mom, yeah, secure the rest of my financing and Leasing, which means I don’t have to go to Paris I’m hop it on the right, so I’ll be home tomorrow night tomorrow No dad wait, I’m sorry honey. My driver is here like I got a run dad. You didn’t send me any more pictures. Did you? Know who needs pictures you’re getting me. See you soon Giorgia hey mister you yesterday, I guess you’re still upset with me huh no I don’t know apologist him I Didn’t open my letter. I’m sorry. I snapped. No worries kid I Get snapped at all the time, and you’re still nicer than mrs.. Hudson’s Pomeranian Nothing in there from my dad, right Not today no good. Thanks. Hey catch you on the flipside Hello Aren’t you excited about your dinner coming home I? Would be but but what? She’s not going alone Hello daddy’s back annika Georgia Georgia Where is she? Oh There she is Georgia hi dad what are you doing up there come down? What am I missing she’s been acting very strange Sam oh, I couldn’t see that Well, you don’t want to give your dear old dad a hug Don’t tell me she turned into a teenager while I was gone Oh What’s the matter I think you may have been followed It’s okay I’ve been gone a long time It’s okay for things to be a little strange. I get it you brought something back with you of course I did you think I’d come back without something for my girl There for you Something from the old world Come on take it it’s not gonna bite Giorgia be polite hey this little thing has traveled a long way to get here Hey It’s just a souvenir. I don’t want it. I don’t like any more souvenirs. Okay, throw it away. You’ve bit of it I don’t want it Okay, well, I’ll just leave it here on the coffee table for you Whenever you decide to come back down to Planet Earth Georgia Giorgia Your job right here Come find me Giorgia George You can smash it all you want, but it won’t do you any good. I was just so I know That you were trying to do And it was a good try but It won’t work. I’m not inside the little doll. This is a funny dirty stop Daddy’s not here You


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