Subtitles available Hello once again! Cyprus here with another amazing Beyblade Burst Rivals gameplay,from Epic Story Interactive A new update is coming soon to your app, this is the 1.06 update preview On today’s video we will see the new beys, characters, features and the glacial bey challenge So dont forget to like, to comment and to subscribe! Lets begin! First we have Red Eye, he is so powerful and he is finallly here These are his boost skills, I’m going to activate skill 2 New upgrades are available now When you open a character it appears in the screen, very big You can increase the star rank of your beyblade, we will get into that We have 3 new beyblades, Spryzen S3, Xcalius X3 and Luinor L3 Notice that all of your beys appear at once, you dont need to swap them around anymore This is legend spryzen and its skill If you have a duplicate bey, you can sell it to get gems and cores that are used to upgrade a bey star rank For example, look at this valtryek v2 In order to advance it to 4*, you need it to be max level and this amount of gems and cores You get them by selling duplicate beys For example, if I have a 4* Luinor, I can make it evolve to 5*, so I dont need to worry about it Back to the beys, this is Xcalius X3 Very big on your screen so you can see all the details, share it on your social media It has Triple Sabers It is max level already Nightmare Luinor is here too He looks just like the toy, this is beautiful This is its special move and stats We will use our new beys and character to battle in the new glacial beyblade challenge We also have the glacial beyblades with us,too Coming soon to your app, you will love this They’re made of ice! Look how it is You will be able to get their boxes from the special event We are going there, we will open it Lets see if valt will say something We will fight the glacial beys while we see the new special attacks First opponent is zac, he is using glacial zeutron I have not seen how the new attacks look like, so all my reactions about it are genuine Red Eye is right there! We even got this glacial stage *reads with red eye’s voice* Here we go Lets begin with legend spryzen and this boost skill 3,2,1 The glacial map looks awesome Lets focus on getting purple gems so we can see that attack Listen to the soundtrack just like the cartoon *reads damage* We lost already? Seems that skill places a debuff on you Really? Thats 1 point for zac You can also change Spryzen’s rotation, left or right Yes, this skill drains your stamina faster We have the skill ready, so we can see it right away To be able to switch rotation modes is great Switchstrike mechanics available, very nice 3-2-1 let it rip Axe Shoot, here we go! Its just a hit But we won, this is awesome lets see what he says when he wins *reads in character voice* Shu Kurenai is gone Shu Culinary. Our next foe is ken, we will get a chest soon The options menu is here too, so it is faster so switch things on/off Ken is not using a glacial bey After this battle we will have one that gives a chest with one *reads in character voice* We will use xcalius this time, no boosts 3,2,1 let it rip lets collect those tiles and see what happens Seems the game runs faster in this map *reads damage* we need more stamina and purple tiles *gathers tiles* He is almost out of spins On the next turn we will…? That’s true! Another feature is that ring out finishes or survivor finishes might randomly become burst finishes The battle is over Lets go to the next battle, we couldnt see xcalius special attack. Lets try again Akira this time Last battle ended too fast Red eye has its tournament too lets begin surge xcalius, here we go 3,2,1, let it rip this time we will be able to see it for sure *gathers tiles* *reads damage* once again! I will avoid attacking him lets see just one more and…! our chance is getting closer ok,we need more purple tiles. Here we go lets recover this could burst him! *reads damage* it stops spinning, lets see if it will burst ok, it didnt 1×0 next let it rip, 3-2-1 triple sabers! Here we go! aligned! it is just a buff so lets finish him off almost there 7015, done! 3×0 3×0, thats it *reads in character voice* we got a glacial box, lets open it here we go 1 glacial box, please the following are the possible reward chances: 4*,5%. 3*,35%. 2*,60% lets open it i will use crystals to open it right now if your inventory is full, it sells a weak bey away who could be there? here it comes! glacial unicrest, 2* because we already have one, it is sold and you get corresponding cores and coins lets take a look at our beys lets equip a glacial bey i’m gonna equip glacial luinor done lets see red eye’s challenge lets begin no new dialogue here. Vs Rantaro red eye vs ramtaro, castle stage we have glacial luinor but we will use nightmare luinor so we can see its special attack lets focus on the purple tiles *gathers tiles* L3 is very big i think ramtaro will stop spinning next turn, lets hope he doesnt burst by itself he could burst in the next attack *reads damage* we are getting closer! purple tiles! I think i did an attack *gathers tiles* next turn it is over for him! Now feel our might! Here comes Nightmare Luinor! The metal dragons! Burst finish! Wonderful thats it We did epic battles in beyblade burst rivals’s update preview! Download today with the links below With its anime graphics and the same soundtrack, it is very immersive See you in the next videos! Thank you!


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