Red-eyed Tree Frog 🐸 | Amazing Animals

and now it’s time for some more amazing animals number eighteen hundred and eighty-eight the amazing red-eyed tree frog what amphibian can be found in places like Central America has three eyelids on each eye sticky toe pads and lives in a tree are you talking about we certainly are oh really whatever am i cold probably because you stay up all night hunting for flies and ma I know but I’m willing to turn over a new leaf I’m so funny they sleep by day stuck to leaf bottoms who serve possum with their eyes closed and body markings covered they are almost invisible and here look I’m a tree suction discs on their toes help them to stick to lose so they can even sleep upside down but should they be disturbed they flash their red bulgy eyes show their bright blue and yellow bottoms and the word again oh come on now stop it that’s a rude word which is bound to give any predator quite a nasty shock what’s Jeff flushing his eyes for which gives the Frog just enough time to escape so long yes so long red-eyed tree frog you certainly are one amazing animal

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