Red Eyes to Las Vegas – The Delta First Class B757-300 Experience (HNL-LAX-LAS) (Trip Report)

As a courtesy, closed captioning (CC) for this video has been provided by YoshiCraft2011. (Gate Agent) …and our Diamond Medallion guests to report to the SkyPriority lane on your right side here, on the wall side. (Flight Attendant) Uh – please – we have about, when we- (probably not actual dialogue) (Pilot) And four, uh, actually the other way around. Four Honolulu based flight attendants and one Los Angeles based flight attendant. (Flight Attendant) Good morning ladies and gentleman. It is Delta’s pleasure to welcome you to Los Angeles, where the local time is 5:35. (Pilot) Just a moment, uhh, getting some individuals out here to the marshalists sent to the, to a parking spot, so please keep your seats with your seatbelt… (Flight Attendant) We’d like to thank you for helping us through the boarding process. Feel free to use smartphones- (Pilot) Uhh, might be a few bumps going into Vegas, just, uhh, that’s a problem so you know. We’ll give you an update on the weather there. (Flight Attendant) …is not allowed on any Delta flight. Federal law prohibits tampering with, disabling, or destroying the restroom- (Flight Attendant) Ladies and gentleman, in preparation for landing, please make sure your seatbelt’s fastened, and your seatback and tray table are in the upright and locked position. (Flight Attendant) Ladies and gentleman, it’s Delta’s pleasure to welcome you to Las Vegas, where the local time is 8:13.


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