Red Velvet 레드벨벳 아이컨택캠 (EYE CONTACT?) EP.1

Hello! We are in Japan (SEULGI is about to eat) (It’s meat♥) Hey, the way you film this makes me look like I have no hair SEULGI Dumpling Puffy IRENE Puffy IRENE is still pretty No…I look a little puffy today No you don’t Yes, I do… Have you guys eaten? (YERI can read fans’ minds) They have! (SEULGI has also eaten) Is it good? Tasty Make sure you eat YERI+SEULGI And it’s hot so (Same space different worlds) Beware of the heat wave We’re in Osaka SMTOWN LIVE 2018 in OSAKA YERI’s Correction makeup I’ll show you how I erase my lip color The color is gradually disappearing I might look sick Do I look sick? …No? Not yet But I will very soon Whenever we apply on lip makeup We erase the color first (YERI wants to speak…) Are you sick YERI? I’m sick I have to go home (It’s JOY!) We have the last stage left (for SMTOWN LIVE 2018 in OSAKA) Got WENDY We look like ghosts Is this a horror edition? (Sings passionately) (Joyful JOY) (A very joyful JOY) (Have you seen our child?) Where’s SEULGI? (Finding SEULGI) Found her! Reunited with SEULGI (YERI’s here too) (Red Velvet: Bye~) (The camera in JOY’s hands also says bye) (Cheers) You startled me


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