ReDeYe: “Rengeteg lemondással jár, de az élmény kárpótol!”

we are sitting here with red-eye master of the Holy sport word you had a lot of experience in a lot of game what do you think in the top list in your own toplist where is csgo is really hard to say like four games in order because it depends on the events it depends on whether I work the more nor know what I’ve done lately it’s very difficult to ranked games i mean i love cs5 been playing for 10 15 years or something that would be compensated for that long hosting stuff so it’s definitely one of my favorite games but making a top top three can change everything you know when i’m in love with dota so not all i’m doing is playing those and watching . i think this is just one of those games it it doesn’t matter what I go and do i always come back to which one is your favorite when it’s time to play because lately you played in so much and it was a bit shaky for you yeah I think it’s more than a bit shaky i mean i’m quite happy I got I got it kills I think it’s the same as slam slam poetry plays more than I do so I thought it was ok now I’ve been on the road for about four months now flying and doing lots of advanced and when I haven’t been a defense i’ve been playing a lot of overwatch so I haven’t played a huge amount of chemistry but I don’t think about to make much difference to be honest too even if I’d been playing regularly i don’t think that much better you told you travel a lot thanks to Eastport not a problem for you to not settle a real home for yourself yeah it is it is hard i think a lot of fans they look at us and they think wow what a great life it’s amazing you get to travel around the world and meet with these famous people and spend time with celebrities and players and what-have-you entities it’s fantastic to be able to do that but i never see the other side of it i never see that the fact that it does get tiring traveling for 14 hours 15 hours on a dye going in and out of airports getting out early flying it does take an allergy when you do it on a regular basis so it the way i look at it is i don’t complain about it because it’s just part of the job you know if you want to be successful in eSports then you want to do a lot of events and if you do a lot of things you have to fly like you have to travel and that’s just that’s what comes with it right what I don’t think any job is a hundred percent you love every single piece of it so i think the first time I fly anywhere new always exciting but once you’ve gone five or six times to the same place it becomes a bit more blogs I you just you just do it so yeah it’s tiring but it’s okay do you remember what was your first love among the East board games my first love I think mainly I mean I supplier towards the end of 99 2000 2001 and it was more than it was the the competitive spirit you know it’s very similar to other sports I played a lot of sports when I was younger football badminton Paul and I love competing and I I love competing in eSports as well I and the transfer is you get older you get a bit slower right so I’m 44 now so I’m pretty slow when it comes to reaction times and which is why the chinese place should be ashamed of themselves that they died eight times in a game by the way and but with that it means that my career change the Nobel I wasn’t always never gonna be a top professional plier but the way I can keep in touch with the competitiveness and enjoy eSports is is by contributing to it and luckily for me I made with it would make a living and talk about it you work a lot with dota 2 and csgo recently but the what’s up with your new favorite overwatch I haven’t done any other watch tournament yet by i just won $MONEY playing the crap out of it i absolutely love the game and I think a lot of people get confused about that they said my heart but you’re you know you’re an overwatch playing how can you come to counter-strike but it’s not like that for many sports person right I’m a nice . supplier many sports lover and many sports hosting caster so I think there’s a massive difference between plying watching and commentating on things like i don’t think i can commentate on overwatch and maybe I could if I practiced a lot but it’s not something I’m and kind of striving to do likewise counter-strike I don’t always enjoy playing it’s a very frustrating game for me because I can’t be as good as I think I am in my own head and but coming to the tournament fantastic i love meeting up with the players i love watching these high school plays terrific DOTA same thing I’m terrible DOTA I’m absolutely abysmal doty don’t want to play DotA with me and but watching it and being an event is magical it’s a phenomenal game to enjoy and watch the high school so I don’t think you necessarily need to love playing a game to love the game itself i think we have plenty of fans of DOTA CS starcraft overwatch that all of the watching the game but might not necessarily enjoy playing it I think that’s the perfect word for ending thanks red effort into you woman thank you

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