Relieve Eye Strain | Emily Hightower

We’re gonna do an exercise called eye
cuffing and this is like an eye bath for the retina so if you get too much screen
time lots of lights in your face then this is a great exercise to do in the
morning and at the end of the day so you’ll start by rubbing your palms
together vigorously and I like to get my hands smoking hot hotter the better and
once they get really good and toasty you’re gonna take the hands and cover
them over the eyes making a little cave the heat from the hands will radiate and
give the eyes a little bath when the hands start to cool you’ll rub the hands
together again ideally we want to keep the eyes closed in between exercises so
they just gather more and more of the benefits from the action again covering
the eyes feeling that nice bath connecting with your breath and you
should do three to five of these again at the beginning or the end of the day
rubbing those hands together get them really good and hot finally mine are
starting to toast up a little here in Aspen Colorado. Here we go, and that’ll

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