Remove Red Eye Manually | Photoshop Tutorial

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you both
an automatic and a manual way to remove red eye from your photos in Photoshop. First let’s try and fix things automatically. Right click on the healing brush tool list
and pick the ‘Red Eye Tool’ from the bottom. Then just click on the red eye area you want
to fix. In most cases this will remove the red eye,
while preserving the surface reflections that give your eyes their character. There’s also some options on the top menu
that will allow you to tweak parts of the effect, such as the pupil darkness. But wait, what happens if you have dark brown
eyes, your photo is out of focus or even that you’re trying to fix an animal’s eyes. In
many cases, this tool might not work. Don’t worry though, there’s also a manual
way to remove red eye – and it will look just as good, if not better. Start by creating a new layer, and then drawing
a circle around the pupil using the circular marquee tool. Fill this with black by going
to Edit…Fill and selecting black from the drop down menu. Next we want to add a slightly soft edge to
our circle. To do this go to Filter…Blur…Gaussian Blur. Before clicking OK, you’ll need to tweak
the blur amount slider to get the result you want. If an eyelid covers the eye, you can easily
fix that by reshaping the black circle with your eraser tool – which you’ll want to set
to a soft brush. Finally, we duplicate the layer with a circle
in it. Then we set the blending mode of one of our circle layers to Overlay and the other
to Saturation. I’m quite pleased with this already. It’s
looking pretty good, although a tiny bit too dark. To reduce the pupil darkness, just lower
the opacity of the layer you set to Overlay. I find that 70% is usually a good setting. I’m really happy with this now. I can now
fix any red eyes in my photos, even in cases where the red eye removal tool doesn’t work. That’s it for this tutorial. If you enjoyed
it please subscribe and hit the like button. And I’ll see you, next time!


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