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Hello everyone! In this video, I’ll focus on removing the red-eye effect
from pictures in RealWorld Photos. Let’s start with something simple. Some rabbits actually have red eyes, but not this one. It is an artifact. Zoom in and switch to the Red-eye remover tool. Click in the center of the eye and drag with left button down
to set the region for red color removal. If the picture quality is high enough,
removing of the red-eye effect is very easy. Let’s try it on another picture. Zoom in with your mouse wheel. Press the mouse wheel, the middle button or
the mouse back button and drag to pan the picture. If you fail to hit the center, just undo the last action
with a mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut and try again. Easy, isn’t it? You can remove red eyes in your .jpg files with RealWorld Photos without degrading the picture quality caused by .jpg re-compression. The red eye effect on the next picture is much more intense. It is actually larger than the eye and blurred. If I try to remove it like before, the results are not satisfactory. We’ll have to remove it manually. Switch to the Retouch tool. Set the retouch effect to Desaturate. Make sure the brush size is appropriate. Desatureate the red region. The effect strenght is set to 50% and that does not seem to be enough. I’ll set it to 100% and try again. No, not good. Let’s try it once more. It is not ideal, but it is a beginning. The red eye effect on this picture has actually
destroyed the eye and we’ll have to re-create it. Lower the intensity and desaturate the edges. Switch to darken effect and draw a pupil. On both eyes. This is better, but the eyes should actually be blue and not grey. Switch to a blue color and change the retouch effect to Colorize. Lower the effect strenght. Wow, this blue is too intense, use a brigher one. Colorize the iris on both eyes. Now, let’s have a closer look at the eyes. There are still traces of the red color above and below the eyes. Use the Clone tool to remove it. Watch my tutorial on object removing to learn how to use the Cloning tool. This looks better. Do the same for the other eye. The blue color seems to be too intense. Let’s do what we have already done today – desaturate it a bit. This photo is blurred and the eyes are too sharp. Although, it actually lowers the eye quality,
it will look more natural if I blur the eyes. Let’s switch to the Soften retouch effect and blur the eyes a bit. Pictures with red eyes are quite often blurry. This is due to the poor lighting conditions. Hence this trick might get handy in your case too. Thanks for your attention and thanks for watching.

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