Removing Red Eye with Adobe Photoshop

fixing red eyes in photos is one of the easiest things to do in
Photoshop, however before we fix these red eyes we need to
make sure that we don’t harm the original picture this is important because even though we
can assume that people don’t want to keep the redeye in the photo you never know, so we
have the original photo here in the Layers panel and it’s our back layer and we need to
just make a copy of this layer and then fix the red eyes on the copy so I’ll drag this layer down to the new icon
at the bottom of the layers panel and that will automatically make a copy
of that background layer now we can turn the fixed one on and off
as soon as we fix them and we have the original photo intact if
we need it so with the background copy layer
selected we’re gonna go over to our tools bar and
underneath the spot Healing Brush Tool you’ll see a tool called Red Eye Tool
for this Red Eye Tool it’s just a simple as clicking in the
red, and then you’re done we can go back to the original photo by turning the background copy layer on
and off

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