Removing the Red-eye Effect with PaintShop Pro

Red-eye in photos is a common problem. When light from the camera’s flash reflects off
the retina of a photo subject, a red-eye effect is
captured in the photo. Corel PaintShop Pro has two methods of
removing red-eye from a color photo. The fastest method of removal is to use the Red
Eye tool. The Red Eye tool replaces the red color in the
subject’s pupil with a dark gray color, restoring a
natural look. On the Tool Options palette, adjust the Size of
Red-Eye control, so that the pointer is about twice the size of the
red area needing correction. Position the pointer directly over the eye, and
click. You can also size the pointer interactively by
holding down Alt while dragging the Red Eye
tool over the eye area. A more powerful method is to use the advanced
Red Eye Removal under the Adjust menu. The advanced red-eye adjustments allow for
multiple adjustments. But before starting the adjustments, right-click
on the image in the Layers palette and choose,
Duplicate. Start by zooming in around the eye area. Under Method, choose Auto Human Eye. From the Hue drop-down list, choose the Iris
color. Click the center of the pupil and drag out for the
correct size. Now start making adjustments to the Pupil
lightness, Iris size, Glint etc., until these match
those in the original image. Feather the edges of the corrected eye so that
they appear to blend into the surrounding image
areas, or lower the value to make the edges appear
more defined. Blur blends the eye with surrounding pixels
when the photo has a grainy appearance. You can increase the setting gradually, until the
eye blends naturally with the rest of the image. Click OK to finish. If part of the new Iris overlaps the eyelids or
eyelashes, use the Eraser tool (with the duplicate image
layer selected), to remove any overlaps. For irregular shaped pupils, use either the
“Freehand Pupil Outline” or the “Point-to-Point
Pupil Outline” options. There is even an option for removing red-eye
from animal photos. Select the Auto Animal Eye method from the
drop-down list. Select the best eye shape… Adjust the Pupil lightness… Adjust the Glint size… Re-size the pupil area… The Auto-Animal Eye option allows you to rotate
the selection.

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