right now The house is super messy because we are acting to move house in a couple of days time literally like I think two days time We start a brand new project If you follow us on social media unlike Twitter You might have a kind of inkling about what it’s about because we ask some of you guys to get involved We’ve been really really missing Jinyu now Wait, all right go on To hear it. Yeah a little pump a little far. That was me. That was that’s what I did. That’s me I created that art I like it hangover. That’s poop. No can I just say I started calling Wilma pickle sandwich because I Especially like her Eider is at its web. I’m not blazing you blood that means your She said are when you’re filming what you should do is you have lots of spit string in your mouth And maybe you should like swallow a bit more. All I’m saying is you get really excited that you start salivating in front of your audience I’m salivating now. Someone commented the other day saying, erm, something like you have such a daddy/sub Which I think means submissive relationship. Haha I was like, ‘Oh, someone said that’ and Rose is like yeah. We’re at the recycling place. I’m gonna go notice I don’t want them to see me buggy so You caught me in? Home zoom. I’m doing a slow zoom. Can you not order some medium size boxes off the Internet? Well, I’m all by chance Did you know no a medium? Which whoa, I don’t look as I mentioned. I just go by the image Yeah, because I don’t understand the dimensions Dave. I don’t understand the numbers Those are so small. I can barely fit fartin I’m really excited to move into any husband. I’m just glad that it’s finally ready and we’re finally ready ish I want to start twitching. I want to have a gaming setup and start switching I just want every favor by having four walls, but I guess she’s a youtuber now say oh that’s your corner Bye But I got one ex-girlfriend are you gonna ask me who is what I’ve had one don’t worry buddy, I’ve just waited I’m sorry I’m really excited that we’re leaving our own house, even though I miss a lot but You know when you just make up great things like marriage and you just like not I’ve done I can’t know the frustrated about cloud Lifts all you do lately. Oh Excuse me won’t even ever wash clothes You didn’t know how to use the dude and that’s what usually oh and you don’t know Ashley is how much I could know how? Could I know the only reason I do is because if I do then you’re saying you know shit, so if I claim I do Enjoy a salty whites and the blacks and the colors and the reds of the things I always do we believe in segregation people they feel the strength in you convey. I’ve got So it’s ready saw Not sign me this is the stretch of road where you have arguments with your loved ones what the following summits like What do you think applying summer is I said, I don’t know. I don’t know you Know you don’t know what a stomach I know some none I Planned this trip I so pray For peace, but every day I meet your tea every notice bracele, that’s absolute for those four days. I made you tea Don’t cry I’m okay keeps me very nicely Your breath isn’t as bad as yesterday’s ha ha. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings It’s not a true. Rosy. I do I do different things to you You’ll see how much I do Oh My god so big Don’t go to on a scooter. No, boy. Does that one? Rosie got me to screed the black heads from side of the face Oh, I can’t roots and they were so old I was like nothing’s coming out going I know my edges like it’s going and it just came out like slowly or world. Yeah I’m going to show you exactly what what’s going on in the garden. And here we go. All right, that’s it. Every time Oh No, can I can I have that please can I can I have that can I have that please? I’m gonna need that. No, I’m Gonna need that back Drop it leave it leave it, right? Okay what we can do at the situation because you can’t eat all of it Should I just pick off and take off? Yeah, go on try and get it off there. I Don’t know why but moving is giving me like some really allergic reactions or something Guys Philippines cure I’m worried. I’ve got like a yellow line because I’ve got like three layers of make line. Don’t worry about it They used to they’ve watched you for seven years So I’m really excited you guys because today Rosie and I are going to reveal where we used to live We live in this house for three years exactly today We thought wouldn’t it be interesting if we showed you all of it the inside which you’ve seen? The exterior of the road everything the horn air horn blows to at least today That’s a fun video we lived in a tiny commute of energy called walnut stone. Hmm So and that was like nothing than this one sharp, which was LAN des and there was two pubs. No cash point. No no cash point we Moved from like would certain way Yeah
And we wanted to be closer to London cuz Wooster was like three Hours on the train to London and then we’d have like at the two places. So just three hours to Paddington It’s really expensive and it was too far away and we could leave the dog that long so we moved there because it had countryside Places to walk the dog it wasn’t as expensive as living in London But we could get in to learn and really quickly It means a lot to me this house because I feel like raising I have gone through much that yeah, we have we have stratified like two big life changes life changes You know, there’s only so far away from home Yeah It’s my first time as a living safaris a lot to me that little village of what let’s tone what nut stone Every time people source the steve fisher like what you do Steve Did you’d be like just visiting but really we’re going to have to now but privilege wasn’t where we live though It is an interesting place, even I’ve been like well and Garden City, yeah we skip that all the time Yeah, you started out alone So yeah, so this is my last trip toward the stay in the old horns, and we’re gonna take you guys with us This is what we call the church walk. Isn’t it ray C Shannen, love this water Who cares what she thinks? I’m gonna miss it here. I’m not though because our house is better now I’m sorry, if you’re too busy texting Shanna and telling me since I mean her thrush, can you believe Rosie? This is our last walk here at what and it stay It’s not so I don’t believe that we’re kind of gonna walk the dog on Sunday always Community magic wind Oh Rosie how does it feel the last walk here and what and it stain you you could just say Penultimate cuz it because there’s like not I’m getting a new on-screen partner There are general like the folk sick of this shit Rosie our last walk here and water that’s down how she feels a bit coming I’m gonna miss it, but not enough to keep me here. You know, like it’s like hi. I’m already bored of me, honestly It’s a lovely summer’s evening there Parsley that Remind you of that sticky grass stuff that people used to put you back in primary school. They ride and everyone. Laughs It’s not funny hurt somebody’s feelings we’ve done Rosie exactly to the date Of this house, I’m sorry Ruth I just want to say thank you house for being such a cute little house and Providing us with so many memories both fond and smelling I would like to say to the house. I Love you. I Appreciate what you’ve done for us. You’ve been amazing. I had a great time. I hope you remember me As much as I remember you so we are gonna walk out of our house for last time. Are you ready now gentle reflection well clean it looks this is I’m so angry right because this photo frame belongs upstairs that they shampooed the carpets, you know, I don’t wanna put my training You know like by the way this nickname Heritage was the tray was a ball. I love the tray with a wild race and a grand ball I won’t and then the bowl of fun. I love the ball of gold ELO’s. All right, Rosie let’s lock up for the final time and Reveal where we used to live Miss you already. You’ve been so good all that explains. This really makes the wrong place. It’s fine. Bye good Eye blinded by light here It is here is we’re outside the door I cutscene beware of dogs Can you see that in there in the window? That was actually here before we came and it was actually very apt because Wilmer hates the postman go What a prick what a prick bye house Fire house She got that cleaned, okay Those there are the speed bumps I was so happy when they put this in because all the Cunts a gladdens Conti area by old dog walks And then Network field drug when you say you’ll miss him it makes people think that you’ve been using him as your dealer Hey, how does mean remaining to know?

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