RNIB President’s reception

Josephine: I’m Josephine Job and I am Head
of Major Donor and Corporate Fundraising at RNIB. We are delighted to be here this evening at
the Dorchester to celebrate twenty five years of the Duke of Westminster as President and
to welcome Dame Gail Ronson as our new President. Dame Gail Ronson: I have been involved with
RNIB for some years now, helping on the Gala Committee, but it is only recently that I
have seen many examples of RNIB’s wonderful resources. I am full of praise for the commitment
and dedication of all of RNIB’s professional and volunteer teams. It makes me very proud
to have been asked to be part of this very important charity. Lesley-Anne Alexander: I’m Lesley-Anne Alexander
and I’m RNIB’s Chief Executive. Dame Gail is vibrant, energetic, exciting. She knows
hundreds and hundreds of influential people so I’m really optimistic that we have a very
bright future with Gail. Josephine: Kevin Carey is RNIB Chairman In these hard times we are already beating
the benchmarks in the sector and we want to go on doing that. As times get more difficult
for our blind and partially sighted people, as more of them call for our services, we
will need more of your goodwill. It’s absolutely important that people have
the opportunity to tell their story. I said earlier that we are an organisation ‘of’ blind
and partially sighted people and we would never dream of talking about blind people’s
experiences without actually talking to real people themselves. Ladies and gentleman; please welcome Kate
Crofts. I can feel the different policies, the different
services, the different accessibilities, opportunities that are there for me and that only exists
because of organisations like RNIB who are the backbone of the diversity and equality
we experience in the UK today. Mrs Munshi: My name is Zaibe Munshi and this
is Sam Munshi. Dr Munshi: We thoroughly enjoyed the evening
and we fully support RNIB. We are contributors on an Ambassador basis; we have been for the
last seven years and we will hopefully continue to do so as long as we live. Josephine: We are excited as we enter the
planning stage of our next five year strategy and it’s excellent that Dame Gail has come
onboard as President at this very exciting time. RNIB – Supporting blind and partially sighted

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