Robotic Surgery with the DaVinci Available at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

– [Narrator] Healthbreak
is brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System. – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital was the first in the US to use the da Vinci robot and this advanced technology is now being applied to
many different surgeries. Doctor Eugene Park explains. – We can do diversion
of the urinary tract, completely robotically now. We do robotic kidney surgery now. – [Amy] Advanced technology like the da Vinci robot offers
many patient benefits. – Smaller incisions, which means less pain, shorter hospital time, less pain medication, you
have quicker recovery. If you’re at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital, we have the da Vinci SI robotic platform, which is the latest version
of the da Vinci robot. – For more information,
or physician referral, call 804-320-DOCS. For healthbreak, I’m Amy Watson. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Healthbreak
was brought to you by HCA Virginia Health System.

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