Ronald Sand, 82, Uses IrisVision to Overcome Low Vision

My name is Ronald Sand. I’m 82 years old,
and I live here in Turlock, California. I have severe macular degeneration. As I
got up to 77 years old, I noticed my eyes getting a little bit weak. This eye, right
from the center just started to close like a shade and went down, and I thought
“What in the world’s happening?” I finally found a doctor that took pictures of my eyes and said they couldn’t help me. Before my eyes really got bad, I had all
types of activities. I was in the… …construction part of the Navy. I farmed
50 acres of almonds, preparing the ground and repairing my harvesting equipment.
I had a full life. I live in a fog… progressively it got worse and worse.
It brought a lot of depression and my son noticed it so he started searching
on the Internet for something that might help me, and he got ahold of IrisVision, and he said “Dad I think I found something that might help you see a
little bit better.” I went in and they showed me the unit, I put it on and there
was no fog. It was like a normal day And I thought “Wow!”
Then they asked me to read the eye chart and I read all but the last line.
My wife said I don’t believe this and I said well, it works. I have a unit that’s
sitting on the charger and it’s ready to go whenever I want to see detail. I can
read. I can do my hobbies, and I have the ability to zoom in on objects close up
and far away. I can sit in the car, ride with my wife and I can see everything in
detail. Without it, I have to ask where I am. It does the job very well. Now that I
have the IrisVision, I can do just about anything I did before. I feel like my old self again. It’s a
real gift to be able to see again.

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