Runny Nose for 7 Years?

this as we know it’s been a pretty rough cold and flu season I want to ask how many of you been sick it looks like about half of our audience it seems like our entire office here was sick a few weeks ago well what if that annoying runny nose never went away fall summer spring just stays with you well our next guest has been dealing with this on a daily basis Teresa joins us on the phone Teresa tell us a little bit more about what’s been going on with you well Travis for the past seven years I’ve had just a constant running nose I go through an average of two boxes of Kleenex a day I no matter where I go I have to take about so Kleenexes if I cook I have to be really careful it doesn’t get into my food because it just drifts and dry but it’s just all the time non-stop and I was just wondering if there was some kind of information you could give me and is this just to clarify guys drew wants to jump in this is a clear nasal running discharge just like I turned on a water faucet and it just dripped and prior to that seven years you weren’t having problems with with a lead allergies allergic rhinitis anything like that no I have gone to have all this check oh really you’ve gone through allergy testing and otherwise good health you’re not taking any medications on a regular basis no well I take just two small pills but one is just a thyroid and you know one is just vitamins all right Theresa moving on you know I have to ask you a few questions how old are you seventy-two so the onset was around when she’s 65 so and she’s ruled out allergies so I’m thinking that some sort of vasomotor rhinitis meaning just that the the normal physiology secretions of her nose there is an exaggerated response and there is a condition that starts in your sixties geriatric rhinitis which is a form of vasomotor rhinitis that just causes your nose to run all the time so you need to talk to your doctor about finding the right decongestant for you to slow down that that drainage and nowadays there’s third fourth generation decongestants they should be able to find something for you that won’t leave you with with bad ii does it happen and I’m curious over the years has it helped whether you use nasal decongestants or nasal saline has anything helped at all I’ve tried sprays I have tried medicine I’ve tried allergy pills I’ve tried the neti pots I’ve tried Oh a cream that you wipe up in your nose but it just continues to drip a non-stop and that’s why I called you all to see if maybe you oh my heaven suggestion is and I think that she has this overreacted visual-motor rhinitis that if you were to block the nerves that’s the cause of the secretion that you would see that it stops so a doctor can do that by doing a block at the back of your nose a nerve block and if that decreased it then it would give information I mean it seems like that that would be an option at this stage given the this is tough Therese a difficult problem but you know we’ve given you some good suggestions and hopefully one of these will help you out well I appreciate it very much and thank you for talking to me of course you


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