Safely Kill Ear Mites on Cats

Welcome back to Home and Garden Innovations with Russel Smith. I am here doing a gardening video on how the DE-sect diatomaceous earth insecticide
will help you in the home and garden and the owner’s cat came strolling by. We were looking at it, it is a really nice
looking cat but it appears that it might have lice or
mites around the neck here. So I got my DE-sect PET and I’m going to apply to this cat while it’s around. Once you apply it the cat really likes to
be pet so you can start petting the cat and getting that DE-sect PET down deep around the hair follicles What happens is that the fleas, or lice, or
mites, or ticks start going through the hair they get the diatomaceous earth on him and it dries out the waxy exoskeleton of the
insect killing it by dehydration and not harming the cat. Now cats really like to lick themselves so if the cat ends up licking this off it is actually healthy for the cat because if it ingests the diatomaceous earth it will go in and it will kill the parasites and help with gut health on the animal. So we just applied that to the kitty cat here and if you are having an issue with fleas you need to make sure that you do it for a
period of 45 days because the flea life cycle is
30 days and the diatomaceous earth only kills the
fleas in the last state of their life cycle which is the adult stage. So you need to do it for 45 days, applying
it around where the animals live and sleep and just making sure you get good coverage with diatomaceous earth on the animals. So there you are cat, can we get back to our
gardening video? No? So thanks again and hope to see you again
on the next episode.


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