Safety Glasses Lens Color Guide

Today we are talking tints. like safety glasses tints. The safety glasses on your face come in a
variety of colors, pretty much all lenses are designed made for a specific reason, lets
look at a few of the most popular lens colors. we’ll start off with clear, which are made
for indoor tasks which require impact protection, there’s no but you may notice reflections
depending on your lighting environment. next up, grey. these can be worn indoors or
outdoors, the slight grey tint helps to reduce glare and reflection from the sun or overhead
lights. these are also sometimes referred to as smoke
lenses. amber lenses are normally worn indoors and
low light situations. the yellow tint helps increase contrast to
help you see better when the lights aren’t too bright. infinity blue lenses like these have a solid
blue tin with no reflective coating. these are used indoors in yellow or sodium
vapor lighting. the blue tint helps cut out some of that yellow
light. brown lenses like these are used for outdoor
application. they don’t have a reflective coating but they
do help cut down on light and the brown actually helps represent traffic color more accurately. next up are IR safety glasses. theses are actually made to filter out infrared
wavelengths as well as heat. they still let all visible light through but
if your working around cutting or welding they actually cut out some of that damaging
spectrum produced by that type of work. obviously they don’t replace welding masks
so if you’re actually doing the welding wear your mask. if you’re working n the vicinity
of cutting or welding these are great for that protection. they commonly come in 3.0 and 5.0 filter levels,
5.0 is obviously a little bit more filtered. next up, the popular blue mirror lens, this
is basically a grey lens with a blue reflective coating on it. these actually reflect some light which helps
cut down on glare and eye strain. next up is silver, these are very much like
the blue reflective lenses, they’re just a grey lens with a silver reflective coating
to help cut down on glare and reduce eye strain. choosing between silver and blue is pretty
much just a aesthetic preference. finally, orange or red mirror lenses. again these are like the blue or silver, just
a grey lens with a little bit of a silver and a red or orange reflective coating but
the orange or red actually help increase contrast to help with color recognition. and that’s that, a quick guide in choosing
lens color in eye protection. catch our videos as soon as they’re released
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