Sagan Has An Ear Infection • 6.26.17

Hello, and welcome to Monday Yesterday we talked about Apple computers, but at the end of the vlog I said that we needed to come back to the vet to have Sagan’s tongue checked Just to make sure That everything was going okay? that was the idea of the Doctor not us it was just like a follow-up. Thank you. That’s the word. I was trying to get to and Sagan’s, Sagan’s tongue is been bothering him like every once in a while ago he’ll just kinda It sometimes it gets to him so bad he runs out of the room so umm the doctor actually took a look it was able to see that there was still a stitch in there and managed to get it. That’s what’s been bothering Sagan. There’s been a tiny little stitch, and it’s done And it’s been you know occasionally he’ll feel that he’s getting poked and he doesn’t know what’s going on and she was able to pull it out so that should stop that however, because 2017 is the year of sickness for everyone Mallory myself and of course the cats included his ears have been bothering him. More so than usual, so I mentioned that, she said okay We’ll take a look so they swabbed inside and they tested it and then like Sagan has an ear infection I Was like well that sounds familiar Because I’ve had How many ear infections already in 2017 they’re like you know that’s really odd cats Don’t normally get ear infections, but it will give you some drops for it and You know we’re on our way home now, so it’s just it’s sucky I mean we had the thing on this toungue which we took care of and now he has an ear infection I’ve had several ear infections, Mal’s had a root canal, and I had an organ out and like You know june is not over we’re not even technically to the second half of 2017 what the heck is going on It’s a it’s really added up not only the financial stress of it, but also the physical stress of it I really hope really hope that the rest of 2017 is a little Nicer than this first half Whatch’a working on? Cutting up tomatoes. I mean that that much I’m aware of but what’s the purpose? Making salsa. Salsa we have all these tomatoes and we’re going out of town And they’ll go bad yeah But if we make Salsa they’ll not go bad. We’ll probably eat them faster That’s true. I mean you it’s hard to find stuff to do with all these cherry tomatoes ’cause there’s a lot, but Salsa is Fine, and it kind of sucks with their cherries to cut up Yeah, you gotta be really Careful, but the payoff will be great How long does it take to make Salsa? I mean, I just got chopped everything up and mix it together Okay, well, I’m I’m- its a garden Salsa, so it’s all like fresh things. Ooh I’m excited about that Well if nothing else, it’s beautiful Mal. Thank you so you got that going for it, and there’s a recipe that people can Check out in the description They can look at that Give it a shot Mal you said the recipe called for Roma’s and we used cherries are they slightly on a big difference? It wanted three jalapenos and I used one That’s fine, and I accidentally bought the wrong onion But I don’t think that’s a problem place a fidelia instead of a red onion Salsa, Salsa give a shot. What’s it like? besides a crumbly mess is it good is it fresh Mm-hmm? Here? They are dropping with everywhere very good very fresh I Like traditional Salsas that are more like pure a fee mm-hmm, but I like gardens. I like that too. It’s good. I don’t I don’t have it very often either, so that’s like the first time that I know of That I’ve had umm P comma (Couldn’t fine actual name) what’d you say keep P comma, P comma? what is what is that? this thing That weird fruit that you made us by it’s a legume. It’s in the legume family But I checked because I found that out after I bought it and I was concerned because peanuts are legumes and I’m allergic know and people are like I eat P Comma And I have a peanut allergy and I’m okay so i’m like okay So I bought a houston P Comma And if you’re not, okay, I’m sure we’ll know soon hmM. That’s the crunchy thing in there looks like an onion. Oh Okay, it supposedly tastes like turnips Oh, you can eat it raw. I don’t really know the turnip tastes like to be quite honest anyway, that is it for today And umm I know that it might seem weird because you’re like. Why would you end the day? It’s like Daylight outside Ha, umm Yeah so we took sagan to the vet on Monday, but it’s actually currently Tuesday. We The last thing that happened is we we stayed up umm Working all night Because we took sagan to the vet but then we came back and slept and got like a full night’s rest And then we woke up at night we’ve worked through the night and Now it’s day. We’re getting ready to sleep so our sleep schedules a little off, but that’s alright We’ll get it fixed before we leave for a trip the big thing was that Before Mal started working on this Salsa We took the vehicle over to the mechanic just to Get everything looked at we’re going on a long road trip or taking my vehicle our vehicle And I just want to make sure everything’s you know working Before we before we go Gonna have The Tires rotated because we haven’t
had that done done in a while going to have the oil change because it needs the oil change anyway, and then also just You know have someone who knows about vehicles look at the vehicle You know look at the brakes make sure everything is cool because it’s a long way We’re going to put easily 2500 miles on the car Just in the next you know a little bit so I want to make sure everything’s fine so we’ll get a call from them later today when we’re up hopefully and Hopefully everything is going to be okay with the car I Think you need a new cat. Tree. Don’t you you need a new scratching post? I think that one’s a little worn out you had that one. You had that when you were a kitten It’s shedding pretty badly Thanks for watching and as always Let’s move back tomorrow, shall we? [Outro Music]


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