Save Your Ears Rap for 2010 BHSM Song and Video Contest

[music playing] [phone rings] Hello? Oh, hey! Yeah, yeah. I totally remember. Yeah, I’m so excited for the concert.
Yeah it’s gonna be so much fun they’re such a good group. I can’t wait.
Yeah, yeah let’s go talk about what we’re gonna wear. Hey Bob, you there? Suzy, is that you? Yeah, yeah. I just wanted to talk to you about some things. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Did you hear how loud she was listening to her music? Yeah, I did.And wasn’t she listening to those,
you know those things that go inside your ear? Yeah, that’s what I’m concerned about.It was so loud. Oh yeah and wasn’t she talkin’ ’bout going to a concert? Yeah by the time she’s twenty she won’t have any hearing left. We should help her. Yeah, but how? I don’t know. Oh, Bob, you’re so helpful. I think I might have an idea after all. [music plays] [singing] We all like music, we all like sound Yeah we all like to make our hips swing round To a song with a good beat and a good vibe That makes us feel better when we’re about to cry And to do all that we need our ears Which use little hairs to help us hear But when you’re jamming out to an awesome song You’re ears, well, they start to feeling something’s wrong See they’re fragile, delicate, they need protection And they can be damaged if you don’t pay attention Damaged by head phones turned too loud Especially ear buds which condense the sound And straight into your ear is that sound bound But that’s not the only thing harmful to your hearing: A loud concert where everyone is cheering It’s so excitin’ you don’t realize the music’s blaring But not to worry, there’s some simple solutions To help you save your ears and start a revolution First you gotta resist the urge to turn the music louder And if you can do that, you should feel even prouder And stay away from ear buds as tempting as they sound Because over the ear head phones are healthier all around And if you do go to a concert like I know you will Don’t be ashamed to bring earplugs that’ll keep your ears chill Just be smart, I know you can And in the end your hearing will be as good as it began>>Oh no! I think I hear her coming. Quick, stay still!>>Oh yeah, yeah, okay well, well I’ll see you later!
Yeah, yeah I know me too. Okay bye!>>Omigosh I’m so excited for the concert!>>Hey! What’s all this? Save your ears? And…huh?
Well, this is a really cute pair of headphones.
They look like they’re safer for my ears than my earbuds were.
Oh, and, earplugs? Well, I guess I could bring these along to the
concert just to be safe. I wonder what you guys were up to.
Oh, well. I’m off. Bye! [music plays]

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